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22.1.77220.0 - 2023-05-16#


  • Check/validate changes in Direct Transfer (Subcontractor and Consignation proccesses) (#5745, TRD-262)
  • Switch to new Rental Ledger Entries / Fix Capacity and Availability / Fix Responsibility Centers / Remove not used Fields / Fix Extended Texts (#5774, TRD-118)
  • Extend Document-Footer/Logo for Responsibilty-Center (#6033, TRD-264)
  • [Event Request] Calculated Unit Costs (#6035, TRD-263)
  • Variant - Quick Entry not for all Documents Sales & Purchase (#6036, TRD-237)
  • Suggest Sales Price based on Calculated Costs (#6037, TRD-204)
  • Create service item in purchase order (#6038, TRD-191)

22.0.72592.0 - 2023-04-14#


  • Performance optimization from telemetry data (#5500, TRD-231)
    Some performance improvements have been implemented based on telemetry data evaluations. 
  • Release multiple Production BOMs and Routings via action (#5527, TRD-234)
    New functions to certify multiple new production BOMs and Routings.
  • Confirm Update Calc. Unit Cost Templ. Line from Calc. Unit Charge Type (#5656, TRD-245)
  • Move "KVSTRDRentalSrvItemComponent" table to the standard "Service Item Component" table (#5723, TRD-246)


  • Combination: PreyPayment and KVSTRDSingleShipmentPerOrder is not allowed (#5528, TRD-235)
    It is not allowed to set the "prepayment %" field in combination with the "Single Shipment per Order" field in customer and in sales documents (quote and order).
  • Document Process ID in Service Documents (duplicate record error message) (#5579, TRD-241)
  • Reservation error in combination with Lead Time Calculation (#5640, TRD-244)

Last update: May 16, 2023