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Name Type Note
Journal Batch Name Code[10]
Line No. Integer
Type of Origin Option OptionMembers: Item,Stockkeeping Unit
Item No. Code[20]
Used Variant Filter Code[80]
Used Location Filter Code[80]
Description Text[100] FlowField
Description 2 Text[50] FlowField
Vendor No. Code[20]
Vendor Item No. Text[50]
Usage Weighting Schedule Code Code[20]
Reference Date Date
Calc. Consumption per Day Decimal
Inventory Decimal
Range (Days) Integer
Range (Date) Date
Endless Range Boolean
New Planning Param. Different Boolean
New Sales Prices Different Boolean
SKU exist Boolean
Replenishment System Enum Replenishment System
Reordering Policy Enum Reordering Policy
Old Safety Stock Quantity Decimal
Calc. Safety Stock Quantity Decimal
New Safety Stock Quantity Decimal
New Saf.St. Range (Days) Integer
New Saf.St. Range (Date) Date
New Saf.St. Endless Range Boolean
Lead Time Calculation DateFormula
Safety Lead Time DateFormula
Lead Time (Days) Integer
Old Reorder Point Decimal
Calc. Reorder Point Decimal
New Reorder Point Decimal
New Reord. P. Range (Days) Integer
New Reord. P. Range (Date) Date
New Reord. P. Endless Range Boolean
Reorder Cycle DateFormula
Reorder Cycle (Days) Integer
Old Maximum Inventory Decimal
Calc. Maximum Inventory Decimal
New Maximum Inventory Decimal
New Max. Range (Days) Integer
New Max. Range (Date) Date
New Max. Endless Range Boolean
Item Updated at DateTime
Item Updated by Code[50]
SKU Updated at DateTime
SKU Updated by Code[50]
Inventory (currentl) Decimal FlowField
Qty. on Purch. Order Decimal FlowField
Qty. on Sales Order Decimal FlowField
Unit Cost Decimal
Standard Cost Decimal
Last Direct Cost Decimal
Price Includes VAT Boolean
Old Unit Price Decimal
Old Profit % Decimal
Old Price/Profit Calculation Option OptionMembers: Profit=Price-Cost,Price=Cost+Profit,No Relationship
New Unit Price Decimal
New Profit % Decimal
Created Campaign No. Code[20]
New Sales Price Transfered Boolean
SubstitutedByItemReplacement Boolean
Calculated at DateTime
Calculated by Code[50]
Use Historical ILEs Boolean
Use Historical ILEs until Date