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Name Type Note
Document Type Enum Service Document Type
Customer No. Code[20]
No. Code[20]
Bill-to Customer No. Code[20]
Bill-to Name Text[100]
Bill-to Name 2 Text[50]
Bill-to Address Text[100]
Bill-to Address 2 Text[50]
Bill-to City Text[30]
Bill-to Contact Text[100]
Your Reference Text[35]
Ship-to Code Code[10]
Ship-to Name Text[100]
Ship-to Name 2 Text[50]
Ship-to Address Text[100]
Ship-to Address 2 Text[50]
Ship-to City Text[30]
Ship-to Contact Text[100]
Order Date Date
Posting Date Date
Posting Description Text[100]
Payment Terms Code Code[10]
Due Date Date
Payment Discount % Decimal
Pmt. Discount Date Date
Shipment Method Code Code[10]
Location Code Code[10]
Shortcut Dimension 1 Code Code[20]
Shortcut Dimension 2 Code Code[20]
Customer Posting Group Code[20]
Currency Code Code[10]
Currency Factor Decimal
Customer Price Group Code[10]
Prices Including VAT Boolean
Invoice Disc. Code Code[20]
Customer Disc. Group Code[20]
Language Code Code[10]
Salesperson Code Code[20]
Comment Boolean FlowField
No. Printed Integer
Applies-to Doc. Type Enum Gen. Journal Document Type
Applies-to Doc. No. Code[20]
Bal. Account No. Code[20]
Shipping No. Code[20]
Posting No. Code[20]
Last Shipping No. Code[20]
Last Posting No. Code[20]
VAT Registration No. Text[20]
Reason Code Code[10]
Gen. Bus. Posting Group Code[20]
EU 3-Party Trade Boolean
Transaction Type Code[10]
Transport Method Code[10]
VAT Country/Region Code Code[10]
Name Text[100]
Name 2 Text[50]
Address Text[100]
Address 2 Text[50]
City Text[30]
Contact Name Text[100]
Bill-to Post Code Code[20]
Bill-to Country/Region Code Code[10]
Post Code Code[20]
County Text[30]
Country/Region Code Code[10]
Ship-to Post Code Code[20]
Ship-to Country/Region Code Code[10]
Bal. Account Type Enum Payment Balance Account Type
Exit Point Code[10]
Document Date Date
AreaTrd Code[10]
Transaction Specification Code[10]
Payment Method Code Code[10]
Shipping Agent Code Code[10]
No. Series Code[20]
Posting No. Series Code[20]
Shipping No. Series Code[20]
Tax Area Code Code[20]
Tax Liable Boolean
VAT Bus. Posting Group Code[20]
Reserve Enum Reserve Method
Applies-to ID Code[50]
VAT Base Discount % Decimal
Status Enum Service Document Status
Invoice Discount Calculation Option OptionMembers: None,%,Amount
Invoice Discount Value Decimal
Release Status Option OptionMembers: Open,Released to Ship
Dimension Set ID Integer
Time Archived Time
Archived By Code[50]
Version No. Integer
Doc. No. Occurrence Integer
Archive Source Enum (KVSTRDArchiveSource)
Contact No. Code[20]
Bill-to Contact No. Code[20]
Responsibility Center Code[10]
Shipping Advice Option OptionMembers: Partial,Complete
Completely Shipped Boolean FlowField
Location Filter Code[10] FlowFilter
Shipping Time DateFormula
Shipping Agent Service Code Code[10]
Date Filter Date FlowFilter
Description Text[100]
Service Order Type Code[10]
Link Service to Service Item Boolean
Priority Option OptionMembers: Low,Medium,High
Allocated Hours Decimal FlowField
Phone No. Text[30]
E-Mail Text[80]
Phone No. 2 Text[30]
Fax No. Text[30]
No. of Unallocated Items Integer FlowField
Order Time Time
Actual Response Time (Hours) Decimal
Service Time (Hours) Decimal
Response Date Date
Response Time Time
Starting Date Date
Starting Time Time
Finishing Date Date
Finishing Time Time
Contract Serv. Hours Exist Boolean FlowField
Reallocation Needed Boolean FlowField
Notify Customer Option OptionMembers: No,By Phone 1,By Phone 2,By Fax,By E-Mail
Max. Labor Unit Price Decimal
Warning Status Option OptionMembers: ,First Warning,Second Warning,Third Warning
No. of Allocations Integer FlowField
Contract No. Code[20]
Type Filter Option OptionMembers: ,Resource,Item,Service Cost,Service Contract
Customer Filter Code[20] FlowFilter
Resource Filter Code[20] FlowFilter
Contract Filter Code[20] FlowFilter
Ship-to Fax No. Text[30]
Ship-to E-Mail Text[80]
Resource Group Filter Code[20] FlowFilter
Ship-to Phone Text[30]
Ship-to Phone 2 Text[30]
Service Zone Filter Code[10] FlowFilter
Service Zone Code Code[10]
Expected Finishing Date Date
Allow Line Disc. Boolean
Assigned User ID Code[50]
Quote No. Code[20]
KVSTRDPosting from Whse. Ref. Integer
KVSTRDDateArchived Date
KVSTRDDonotFindBestPrice Boolean Warning: Obsolete
Bill-to Code Code[10]
KVSTRDDoc. No. Occurrence Integer
KVSTRDDocumentProcessID Code[20]
KVSTRDNo. of Archived Versions Integer FlowField
KVSTRDAutoCreatedByContract Boolean