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Name Type Note
Document No. Code[20]
Line No. Integer
KVSTRDService Item No. Code[20]
Service Item Group Code Code[10]
Item No. Code[20]
Serial No. Code[50]
Description Text[100]
Description 2 Text[50]
Repair Status Code Code[10]
Priority Option OptionMembers: Low,Medium,High
Response Time (Hours) Decimal
Response Date Date
Response Time Time
Starting Date Date
Starting Time Time
Finishing Date Date
Finishing Time Time
Service Shelf No. Code[10]
Warranty Starting Date (Parts) Date
Warranty Ending Date (Parts) Date
Warranty Boolean
Warranty % (Parts) Decimal
Warranty % (Labor) Decimal
Warranty Starting Date (Labor) Date
Warranty Ending Date (Labor) Date
Contract No. Code[20]
Location of Service Item Text[30] FlowField
Loaner No. Code[20]
Vendor No. Code[20]
Vendor Item No. Text[20]
Fault Reason Code Code[10]
Service Price Group Code Code[10]
Fault Area Code Code[10]
Symptom Code Code[10]
Fault Code Code[10]
Resolution Code Code[10]
Fault Comment Boolean FlowField
Resolution Comment Boolean FlowField
Variant Code Code[10]
Service Item Loaner Comment Boolean FlowField
Actual Response Time (Hours) Decimal
Document Type Enum Service Document Type
Serv. Price Adjmt. Gr. Code Code[10]
Adjustment Type Option OptionMembers: Fixed,Maximum,Minimum
Base Amount to Adjust Decimal
No. of Active/Finished Allocs Integer FlowField
No. of Allocations Integer FlowField
No. of Previous Services Integer FlowField
Contract Line No. Integer
Ship-to Code Code[10]
Customer No. Code[20]
Date Filter Date FlowFilter
Resource Filter Code[20] FlowFilter
Allocation Date Filter Date FlowFilter
Repair Status Code Filter Code[10] FlowFilter
Allocation Status Filter Option OptionMembers: Nonactive,Active,Finished,Canceled,Reallocation Needed
Responsibility Center Code[10]
Service Order Filter Code[20] FlowFilter
Resource Group Filter Code[20] FlowFilter
Shortcut Dimension 1 Code Code[20]
Shortcut Dimension 2 Code Code[20]
Release Status Option OptionMembers: Open,Released to Ship
Dimension Set ID Integer
Version No. Integer
Doc. No. Occurrence Integer
KVSTRDDateArchived Date
KVSTRDDocumentProcessID Code[20]