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Name Type Note
Document Type Enum Service Document Type
Customer No. Code[20]
Document No. Code[20]
Line No. Integer
Type Enum Service Line Type
No. Code[20]
Location Code Code[10]
Posting Group Code[20]
Description Text[100]
Description 2 Text[50]
Unit of Measure Text[50]
Quantity Decimal
Outstanding Quantity Decimal
Qty. to Invoice Decimal
Qty. to Ship Decimal
Unit Price Decimal
Unit Cost (LCY) Decimal
VAT % Decimal
Line Discount % Decimal
Line Discount Amount Decimal
Amount Decimal
Amount Including VAT Decimal
Allow Invoice Disc. Boolean
Gross Weight Decimal
Net Weight Decimal
Units per Parcel Decimal
Unit Volume Decimal
Appl.-to Item Entry Integer
Shortcut Dimension 1 Code Code[20]
Shortcut Dimension 2 Code Code[20]
Customer Price Group Code[10]
Job No. Code[20]
Job Task No. Code[20]
Job Line Type Enum Job Line Type
Work Type Code Code[10]
Outstanding Amount Decimal
Qty. Shipped Not Invoiced Decimal
Shipped Not Invoiced Decimal
Quantity Shipped Decimal
Quantity Invoiced Decimal
Shipment No. Code[20]
Shipment Line No. Integer
Bill-to Customer No. Code[20]
Inv. Discount Amount Decimal
Gen. Bus. Posting Group Code[20]
Gen. Prod. Posting Group Code[20]
VAT Calculation Type Enum Tax Calculation Type
Transaction Type Code[10]
Transport Method Code[10]
Attached to Line No. Integer
Exit Point Code[10]
Area Code[10]
Transaction Specification Code[10]
Tax Area Code Code[20]
Tax Liable Boolean
Tax Group Code Code[20]
VAT Clause Code Code[20]
VAT Bus. Posting Group Code[20]
VAT Prod. Posting Group Code[20]
Currency Code Code[10]
Outstanding Amount (LCY) Decimal
Shipped Not Invoiced (LCY) Decimal
Reserve Enum Reserve Method
VAT Base Amount Decimal
Unit Cost Decimal
System-Created Entry Boolean
Line Amount Decimal
VAT Difference Decimal
Inv. Disc. Amount to Invoice Decimal
VAT Identifier Code[20]
Pmt. Discount Amount Decimal
Dimension Set ID Integer
Time Sheet No. Code[20]
Time Sheet Line No. Integer
Time Sheet Date Date
Job Planning Line No. Integer
Job Remaining Qty. Decimal
Job Remaining Qty. (Base) Decimal
Job Remaining Total Cost Decimal
Job Remaining Total Cost (LCY) Decimal
Job Remaining Line Amount Decimal
Version No. Integer
Doc. No. Occurrence Integer
Variant Code Code[10]
Bin Code Code[20]
Qty. per Unit of Measure Decimal
Planned Boolean
Unit of Measure Code Code[10]
Quantity (Base) Decimal
Outstanding Qty. (Base) Decimal
Qty. to Invoice (Base) Decimal
Qty. to Ship (Base) Decimal
Qty. Shipped Not Invd. (Base) Decimal
Qty. Shipped (Base) Decimal
Qty. Invoiced (Base) Decimal
Responsibility Center Code[10]
Substitution Available Boolean FlowField
Item Category Code Code[20]
Nonstock Boolean
Completely Shipped Boolean
Requested Delivery Date Date
Promised Delivery Date Date
Shipping Time DateFormula
Planned Delivery Date Date
Shipping Agent Code Code[10]
Shipping Agent Service Code Code[10]
Appl.-from Item Entry Integer
KVSTRDService Item No. Code[20]
Appl.-to Service Entry Integer
Service Item Line No. Integer
Service Item Serial No. Code[50]
Service Item Line Description Text[100] FlowField
Serv. Price Adjmt. Gr. Code Code[10]
Posting Date Date
Order Date Date
Needed by Date Date
Ship-to Code Code[10]
Qty. to Consume Decimal
Quantity Consumed Decimal
Qty. to Consume (Base) Decimal
Qty. Consumed (Base) Decimal
Service Price Group Code Code[10]
Fault Area Code Code[10]
Symptom Code Code[10]
Fault Code Code[10]
Resolution Code Code[10]
Exclude Warranty Boolean
Warranty Boolean
Contract No. Code[20]
Contract Disc. % Decimal
Warranty Disc. % Decimal
Component Line No. Integer
Spare Part Action Option OptionMembers: ,Permanent,Temporary,Component Replaced,Component Installed
Fault Reason Code Code[10]
Replaced Item No. Code[20]
Exclude Contract Discount Boolean
Replaced Item Type Enum Replaced Service Item Component Type
Price Adjmt. Status Option OptionMembers: ,Adjusted,Modified
Line Discount Type Option OptionMembers: ,Warranty Disc.,Contract Disc.,Line Disc.,Manual
Copy Components From Option OptionMembers: None,Item BOM,Old Service Item,Old Serv.Item w/o Serial No.
Return Reason Code Code[10]
Price Calculation Method Enum Price Calculation Method
Allow Line Disc. Boolean
Customer Disc. Group Code[20]
Qty. Picked Decimal
Qty. Picked (Base) Decimal
Completely Picked Boolean
Pick Qty. (Base) Decimal
KVSTRDDateArchived Date
KVSTRDProject Posting Date Date
KVSTRDPurchasing Code Code[10]
KVSTRDSpecial Order Boolean
KVSTRDDrop Shipment Boolean
KVSTRDPurchaseOrderNo Code[20]
KVSTRDPurchOrderLineNo Integer
KVSTRDSpecialOrderPurchaseNo Code[20]
KVSTRDSpecialOrderPurchLineNo Integer
KVSTRDSend to Rental Order Boolean
KVSTRDPrintLine Boolean
KVSTRDPrintPageBreak Boolean
KVSTRDFontStyle Enum (KVSKBAFontStyle)
KVSTRDItemPriceGroup Code[10]
KVSTRDItemDiscGroup Code[20]
KVSTRDNullPosition Enum (KVSKBANullPosition) Warning: Obsolete
KVSTRDPostingCode Code[10]
KVSTRDDocumentProcessID Code[20]
KVSTRDCalcProfitPercent Decimal
KVSTRDUnitCostType Enum (KVSTRDUnitCostType)
KVSTRDCalcUnitCostLCY Decimal