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Quality Management#

22.8.119926.0 - 2024-01-05#


  • Issue with Inspection plan/sampling specification card and Number Series (#8003, QME-178)
  • QS-Bin posting was not prohibited (#8005, QME-179)
    In Bussiness Central version 23, it is possible to debit goods from the QA inspection location via the article item journal, even though the "Manual QA storage bin posting" indicator in the QM facility is set to "No". The result is that the existing inspection order cannot be completed. This problem has been fixed.

22.4.92805.0 - 2023-08-14#


  • New public function to create inspection orders for a single prod. order line (#6778, QME-157)

22.3.87917.0 - 2023-07-17#


  • Issue in report 5483762 "KVSQME - Insp. Plan Version" (#5764, QME-125) This report has been adapted in its layout to report 5483761 ‘KVSQME - Inspection Plan’. As a result, the two reports now provide similar information on both the inspection plan and the inspection plan version.


  • New Event "OnBeforeAllowIspectionOrderCreation" (#6625, QME-155) This event allows the functionality of the inspection orders to be turned off before the system begins to determine the inspection plans.

22.2.83939.0 - 2023-06-26#


  • Remove function "C99000753_OnAfterCopyRouting" (#6249, QME-141) This function was removed to avoid automatically created lines in inspection plan usage after copying a prod. routing.
  • Multilevel prod. orders with inspections failed (#6385, QME-146) This topic assure that sample regulations for reduced inspections are also taken from current inspection plan version.
  • Consider Versions for reduced inspection plans (#6388, QME-147) This topic assure that mulilevel prod. orders can be calculated also if the bin code for subordinated prod. order lines is empty due to missing bin content details.
  • Renumbering of item failed in inspection iten tracking (#6446, QME-152) Missing table relation was added.

22.1.79374.0 - 2023-05-30#


  • Issue in RDLC Layout report 5483764 "KVSQME - Sample Regulation" (#5762, QME-124)
  • "KVSQME - Tracking Mgt" Permissions Error (#5944, QME-130)
  • Error in "procedure InspOrderMgmt_InitInspectionOrder" (#5950, QME-129)
  • Wrong Dimesion Value in Item Journal Line (QM) (#6124, QME-123)

22.0.73043.0 - 2023-04-17#


  • Report QME Inspection Order Error (#5748, QME-121)

There was an Issue with RDLC Layout for the Report. This Issue was solved.

22.0.71031.0 - 2023-04-05#


  • BC 22 QM --> VM API Interface (#5670, QME-120)

There was an Issue with the API Interface to the Vendor Rating App. This Issue was solved.

22.0.70549.0 - 2023-04-03#


  • General performance and stability improvements.