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24.0.1099.0 - 2024-04-12#


  • Rename main project doesn't rename the main project lines, they get lost (#10514, PSA-1715)
  • Salesperson of the project into sales document in combination with responsibility center (#10632, PSA-1700)
    There was a gap by transfer the salespersone code from project into a sales header in combination with using the responsibility center code.
  • Item card unit cost is not used in project budget line (#10709, PSA-1774)
  • WBS page with budget - remove the CurrPage.update in field description (#10712, PSA-1615)
  • Project Journal - Update project description fails if next journal line has the same project no. as the one above (#10719, PSA-1654)
  • Not possible to add WBS lines from a Sales Quote to a project which status is "Open" (#10722, PSA-1791)


  • 2 new filters in function "create invoice suggestion lines": Type + No. to filter on job ledger entries. (#8627, PSA-1516)
    Invoice suggestion function "create suggestion lines": 2 new filters "Project ledger entry type" and "No.", regarding the project ledger entries. With this 2 filters it is possible to filter the project ledger entries on resources or items in general or on selected resources or items. This 2 filters are only for "time and materials", because "project ledger entries" are only relevant for this "invoice type".
  • Prepare all apps for next major 24.0 (#8646, PSA-1701)
  • "Row No." of measurement templates shouldn't be changed, if already posted project measurement templates are existing (#10542, PSA-40)
  • Job-Time Control (5025870) has to calculate the not posted ctc cards in time balance too (#10543, PSA-1565)
  • CTC Time Tracking - changing job (project) or task in existing CTC-Line: save some field content (#10544, PSA-1584)
    In CTC (time tracking) sometimes the user has to change the project or the task in an existing not posted CTC-Line. In some cases the quantity and the manual description is correct, only the task was a mistake. Now the quantity will not be changed by selecting another project or task. The description will not be changed if the description is a manual one and not the task-description.
  • Sliding average unit cost in job budget line (#10602, PSA-1463)
    New function to update the unit cost of existing project budget entries. This is relevant for long time planning.
    For example: Planning a resource with a valid unit cost is planned by monthly budget entries for a 1 year periode. After some month a price update has been done in the purchase price list. The new purchase price list line has a starting date in the middle of the planning periods of the project budget line. With the new function only the budget entries which has to be updated because of the new cost are updated with the new unit cost. With that update there will be a new sliding average unit cost for that budget line. Some new fields on the budget line will inform about that.
  • Create job or wbs by sales document: Validate the field "Transfer to Job" in the SalesLineWBSPrepare automatically (#10603, PSA-1572)
  • Create job or wbs by sales document: field "your reference" has to be transferred into the new job (project) (#10604, PSA-1573)
    The field "your reference" of a sales header (quote or order) is now transfered into a new project if the project is created by the function of the sales document.
  • Create invoice suggestion - new wbs-line status filter (order, quote, all) (#10605, PSA-1593)
    New "WBS line status filter" in the function "create suggestion line" in "invoice suggestion".
    With this filter it is possible to filter this function on wbs-line with status order or quote or both.
  • Make procedure in codeunit TimeManagement and variables in page ZDETimeRecording external available (#10625, PSA-1743)
    Technical development improvement: codeunit TimeManagement -> procedure ValidateResNoWithResAdministration
    page ZDETimeRecording -> GlobalIsPostedZDE, GlobalIsOpenZDE, GlobalResourceNo
  • Create wbs by sales lines - create sales lines by template - mark Begin-End-total-lines representing a wbs-line for budget line not to be transferred (#10631, PSA-1664)
    If sales lines (quote or order) are created by the function "create lines from project template" there will be a subtotal block around the sales lines created by the budget lines for 1 wbs-line. Each wbs-line from the template which has to be transfered on the budget line level has its own block. This sales block lines (begin and end lines) must not be transfered into the wbs by the function "create project and wbs" because there will be automatically created a work package line in the wbs to receive the budget lines. The wbs should look like the project template. For this these subtotal blocks can't be transfered into a wbs, they are blocked to be marked in the field "transfer to project".
  • Posting of different Invoicing Quantity in case of invoicing type = "no billing" without confirmation (#10643, PSA-1740)
    Posting project journal line with different qty to invoicing qty: It is no more necessary to aprove this lines if the billing type is "no billing". Note: the aproval can be set in the project setup.
  • Function to update the customer address in project should update the shipment address too if it is not a manual or a shipment address (#10646, PSA-1641)
    The function to update the customer address in project is now updating the shipment address too if it is not a manual address. If it is a shipment address, the update will be done by the shipment address.
  • Make procedure "CreateForecast" in codeunit "KVSPSAJob Forecast Functions" external accessible (#10651, PSA-1750)
    Technical development improvement
  • Extract procedures to update job teams from "KVSPSAJob&Resource Subscribers" to "KVSPSAJobTeamManagement" (#10652, PSA-1751)
    Technical development improvement: Needed preparations for feature PSA-1583: "Job (project) Manager (Person Responsible) in job budget line to be able to filter on that field in page Budget Line Activities"
    Logic to update job teams got reviewed, refactored and moved from codeunit "KVSPSAJob&Resource Subscribers" to codeunit "KVSPSAJobTeamManagement".
  • Project Manager (Person Responsible) in project budget line to be able to filter on that field in page Budget Line Activities (#10654, PSA-1583)
    In the page "Budget Line Activities" it is now possible to filter on the project Manager (Person Responsible) and on the sub project manager (of the wbs-lines)
  • Improve temporary generation of Default Dimensions for Job WBS Line and Job Budget Line (#10711, PSA-1779)
    To transfer dimensions from a related Project WBS or Budget Line (by using the setup fields "Use WBS Line Dim. as Default" or "Use Budget Line Dim. as Default" in Projects Setup) temporary records in the Default Dimension table will be generated.
    This temporary records have set the respective table no. and also a key generated by the current timestamp for the field "No.".
    As the generated key by the current timestamp only contains the hours and minutes this logic can lead to potential primary key errors as a record can already exist.
    Therefore the generated key will now contain the hours, minutes, seconds, miliseconds and also a random generated number between 1 and 10000.
    This solution should minimize the risk of getting mentioned error.
  • Transfer "phase" "Task" "Step" code from "Begin-Total" into "Work package" WBS-Lines (#10714, PSA-1660)
  • Do not automatically set "Shipment Date" at creation of a new Sales Document (#10720, PSA-1789)
  • Add events in codeunit CreateInvoiceFromInvSug on function UpdateInvoices (#10724, PSA-1793)
    Technical Development improvement
  • Insert "Description 2" into the Project Wizard (#10726, PSA-1796)