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21.5.66337.0 - 2023-03-09#


  • enable "CTC time tracking" on work type with unit of measure <> resource base unit again (#5456, PSA-658)
    A test has been implemented with 21.4, this test has been removed again because this is the wrong place to test useful work types in wbs-lines.

21.5.66229.0 - 2023-03-09#


  • AppSource Validation problem with Indian and Italian localization (BC22) (#5460, PSA-662)

21.5.66132.0 - 2023-03-09#


  • Create Transfer Order for job budget line (#5126, PSA-74)

    New function in WBS to create transfer orders for job budget lines. This function is necessary if the replenishment system of the stockkeeping unit of the item-location combination is transfer order. This means, the necessary quantity in the job budget line location has to be transfered from another location. To do so, a transfer order has to be created. The new function creates the transfer order with the correct transfer-from location and transfer-to location. It is not necessary to define stockkeeping units for this, the location information can be given manually.

  • Order Quote Implementation into projects (#5169, PSA-42)

    New function in WBS to create Order Quotes for job budget lines. This function is good to transfer necessary items from budget line to the purchase if the user doesn't have permission to create purchase documents them him self.

  • No transfer of WebServices to API - WebServices are set to obsolate (#5187, PSA-551)

    The existing WebServices of the project solution are set to obsolate. They will be deleted in the future. There will be no more  project standard webServices or API. Customers who whants to use the now existing web services can copy them into the customers number range to use them as PTE (per tenant extention). Your KUMAVISION lead developer will help you.

  • page KVSPSAInvoice Ledger Entries (5026288, List) - function "add entries" in direct access (#5189, PSA-599)

  • Alternative purchase text in budget lines - transfer translation not by language code of the job (#5190, PSA-600)

    Alternative purchase text in budget lines - transfer the item or resource translation not by language code of the job (=project) but of the vendor.

  • CTC Time Tracking - Calendar is not available in english (#5217, PSA-609)

    using BC with the English language layer the language of the calender on the CTC Time Tracking page was not changed to English, it was still in German.

  • Change option field "type" to ENUM in table 5025875 "KVSPSAJob Budget Calc Defaults" (#5223, PSA-608)

    Technical Development Improvement

  • Job searching in field job no. in time tracking lines (for example WTC Line) even if the job team filter is active (#5224, PSA-602)
    New search field for Jobs in job time Journal and WTC card, to find a job by using wildcards (like ) directly in the line and not by opening the job list by lookup and use the search function in the job list. Example: @test* gets the result list of all Job with a description including the word test and it doesn't matter if it is in the beginning, middle or end, if it is written with uppercase or not like: "Test Job", "My test job", "This is a TESTjob"

  • 5 BC Objects in the wrong number range (#5232, PSA-612)

    technical issue: object number of 5 objects has been corrected.

  • "Missing currency factor" - Test in Job Journal line (#5237, PSA-613)

    New test in job journal line: If a job has an invoice currency but there is no currency factor available the user gets an error.

  • Define job ledger entry type by G/L account (#5247, PSA-615)

  • Set ApplicationArea to "KVSPSABasic" where it's not set (#5283, PSA-554)

    Technical Development Improvement

  • Count of projects (project contacts) (#5358, PSA-617)
    New Information on contact card and list in "contact statistic": count of job contacts -> how man times is this contact used as a job contact.

  • Order Quote Implementation only if this module is active in module setup (#5372, PSA-624)
  • Change some English Captions (#5433, PSA-656)
  • change positon of function "update totals and amounts not invoiced" in page KVSPSAJobPSPHeader (5026270) (#5438, PSA-652)
  • change position of function "copy from budget" in WBS pages to "Home" (#5439, PSA-655)
  • job shipment - insert missing date fields in pages (#5440, PSA-660)
  • New field "guarantee type" (incoming / outgoing) in table guarantee (#5450, PSA-649)
  • new field status on Guarantees (#5451, PSA-643)


  • Connect job ledger entries in G/L register not by posting date + document date but by ledger entry no in the job ledger entry. (#5168, PSA-242)

    Technical Development Improvement in connecting the job ledger entries to the correct G/L register.

  • Job team role - wrong caption in the field pre-configured role (#5213, PSA-604)

    Tabelle KVSPSAJob Team Role (5025933), the field pre-cofigured role had wrong Captions. Correct captions are:
    DEU: “Vordefinierte Funktion”
    ENU: “Pre-configured job-title”

- EVA - 0 Division by closing the budget line in some cases (#5236, PSA-283)

Technical Development Improvement in Earned Value Analysis module

  • Sales invoice from job budget does not inherit extended texts (#5246, PSA-614)

    Creating a direct sales Invoice to a job budget line by invoice suggestion, the extended text of the job budget line hasn't been transfered into the sales invoice line. This has been fixed.

  • Copy WBS function: source WBS-version must not be target WBS-version (#5334, PSA-621)

    New Test in Copy WBS-function: it is not possible to copy one WBS-version into it self.

  • send job budget line to outlook calendar - technical error message (#5373, PSA-627)

  • PSA tests fail for RealEstate (#5401, PSA-638)

21.4.61614.0 - 2023-02-09#


  • Auto budget relation by time posting can't be deactivated (#4747, PSA-439)
    If the field "Auto budget relation by posting" in jobs setup is not set then the job time ledger entry is connected anyway ifen if the posting level was on WBS -Line
  • New price lists - wrong sales prices in job ledger entry (after posting in G/L Journal) and in job budget lines (#4809, PSA-508)
  • Budgetlines without to-do no. (#4876, PSA-516)
  • Time Recording - if used as book mark the page is not editable (#4882, PSA-523)
  • Define work package BOM is not possible with new price lists (#4899, PSA-535)
  • Bug in reversal receipt for Item with serial number (part 2) (#4934, PSA-519)
  • Manual insert of job ledger entries to unposted invoice ledger entries failes if there is no invoice ledger existing to a sales invoice line (#4951, PSA-546)
  • Deleting all invoice ledger entries for a sales line in Sales Order and Sales Invoice doesn't update "Qty. to Ship" & "Qty. to Invoice" (#4954, PSA-550)
  • Missing job setting fields in extended text page (#4963, PSA-553)
  • Field Totaling not cleared in Job Accounts (#4984, PSA-556)
  • Transfer Calculation Base Mapping from job template fails if this is done more then once in a WBS (#4998, PSA-563)
  • New BC price lists - manual unit price for G/L Account in purchase line get lost if job no. is validated (#5045, PSA-572)
  • Job ledger entry - "time entry comment" opens the entry comment and not the connected comment of the time entry (#5084, PSA-581)
  • Usage Heading-Sum is not calculated any more in WBS (#5085, PSA-570)
  • Fix wrong table usage for inserting and deleting skills of Job Budget Line Template (table 5025886) (#5139, PSA-591)
  • Copy a complete WBS into a WBS with existing WBS-line - the auto activity code has to be recalculated (#5146, PSA-593)
  • Job deferral posting - Check Posting Date by deferral posting periode (#5175, PSA-597)
    The Deferral Posting Period is checked now for the job deferral postings.
  • Job Financial Report - no amounts in the Job Acc. Schedule Line only Quantities are visible (#5180, PSA-598)


  • Change WBS-Line to "no Billing" should change the budget lines to billable = FALSE (#4852, PSA-488)
  • Move KVSPSAREGuarantee (5548213) from RealEstateApp into project-Base App (#4877, PSA-528)
  • Rework Job Price Lists (#4893, PSA-521)
  • Provide mandatory field check in trigger "OnClosePage" of job card (codeunit "KVSPSA Mandatory Fields Lib" - "FinishJob" to external) (#4911, PSA-540)
  • Lookup of field "Invoice Ledger Entries" in "KVSPSASalesOrderSubform" (pageextension 5025913) doesn't get executed (wrong trigger chosen) (#4917, PSA-515)
  • Remove CTC-Card from RoleCenters - only CTC Time Tracking should by present in RoleCenter (#4919, PSA-527)
  • Search description in work package table (#4933, PSA-524)
  • Expand an existing sales order by a new order out of a sales quote (#4935, PSA-472)
  • Remove redundant application areas (because of update they are not needed anymore) (#4986, PSA-555)
  • Change german description of the field account type in the table job account (#4987, PSA-562)
  • License Check by creating an unposted job evaluation template (#4988, PSA-561)
  • New Factbox "Job Team" on Job List and Card (#5003, PSA-547)
  • Change position of Job Creation Wizard action in job list (#5006, PSA-558)
  • Job Evaluation Template - open list instead of card (#5010, PSA-559)
  • Unposted job evaluation line - fields Row No. and Description set to editable FALSE (#5011, PSA-560)
  • Implement predecessor and successor link in job template (#5012, PSA-469)
  • Flexible Job Team Setup (#5057, PSA-484)
    New Setup Table to define individual functions for the job team setup. This new table expands the possibility of the field function in the job team table.
  • Delete more then only 1 Job Evaluation Templates in 1 step (#5096, PSA-549)
  • No plus-symbol in job evaluation template card because it is not possible to create them manually (#5097, PSA-569)
  • Remove check on empty "No. Series" of job template if a manual no. is assigned in the job creation wizard (#5098, PSA-585)
  • Create job template by an existing job (#5102, PSA-468)
  • Explode Assembly BOM in job budget line (#5127, PSA-49)
  • Missing caption for comments in job time ledger entry page (#5156, PSA-592)
  • Alternative sales text and purchase text in job budget lines (#5157, PSA-467)
  • Print Invoicing Date Range on sales invoice - some improvements (#5177, PSA-571)

21.3.57633.0 - 2023-01-12#


  • Total-WBS: Integrate Informations and values from different WBS to the active (Total-)WBS (#4181, PSA-336)
  • Item Fact Box in job budget line (#4398, PSA-64)
  • Synchronisation from Sales line into WBS-Line even if there is a different Sales Unit Measure (#4430, PSA-418)
    Synchronisation from sales line into wbs line should be possible if there is for example a planning unit in hours and a sales unit in days
  • enable Sales Hist. Bill-to FactBox (9081, CardPart) in job list (#4662, PSA-451)
  • Access to WBS in Page "my jobs" (#4663, PSA-442)
  • Lookup into job budget line from Gen. Journal Line: Use PSP-Work-Status and Budgetline Work Status as filter (#4666, PSA-464)
  • Added event for filtering ledger entries in job evaluation (#4682, PSA-487)
  • Implement "Modern Action Bars" (#4683, PSA-375)
  • Intercompany Partner Page- move field Outbound Purch. Res. No. Type to another place (#4748, PSA-426)
  • Sales Price Lists on job list is very unperformant (#4750, PSA-498)
  • Job Account Schedule Line - field "Amount Type" to obsolete (#4762, PSA-496)
  • "Confirm" should be replaced with "ConfirmManagement.GetResponseOrDefault" (#4765, PSA-502)
  • Add FactBox "Job Ledger Entry Comments" in "Invoice Suggestion" (#4767, PSA-322)
  • Unit of Measure check in CTC card (#4770, PSA-302)
  • Move global labels to local scopes (#4773, PSA-503)
  • Extend CalcFormula of FlowField "Budget Line Existing" in KVSPSAJobPSPLine to exclude lines without "No." set (#4782, PSA-506)
  • Deferral Posting in Purchase and Sales to job ledger entries (#4801, PSA-466)
    In Jobs Setup, General, a new feature can be activated: Activate Deferrals for Job.
    If activated, job leder entries will be created in combination with the deferrals from standard and a job.
    The deferral job ledger entries will be posted to the original wbs package/ Task No.
    In sales postings, the microsoft standard packages allows us to differentiate between different additional fields for the deferrals. In purchase, the "old" logic is still used - so, there you have to use different deferral template codes with the same settings, until the Microsoft Base App will use the same logic on Purchase and Sales.
    You can also post the accruals with job No. in the general journal batch, sales journal and purchase journal don't have the defferal template code.
  • Move PSA code from"Reserve Entries" to new "Reserve Transaction Entries" (Standard change in BC22) (#4837, PSA-509)
  • Rename caption of field "Job Inventory" in "KVSPSA Job Budget Line" (5026261) to "General Job Inventory (Base)" (#4840, PSA-514)


  • "Get Source document lines" gets the complete document into warehouse document (#4424, PSA-382)
  • Finish of production orders with job no. is not possible (#4632, PSA-332)
  • create warehouse obligo by job warehouse pic (#4633, PSA-277)
  • Insert of new Dimension Value by creating a new job need direct User permission to table Dimension value (#4665, PSA-461)
    Normaly it is not necessary to have the direct user permission to insert an automatical created dimension value by creating a new job, because the function has this permission and the user needs only the indirect permission.
  • Closing invoice in invoice suggestion - credit memo lines for posted invoices missing (#4708, PSA-347)
  • Copy WBS with parameter "get new sales prices" - sales price on wbs-line with unit of measure <> base unit is not updated (#4720, PSA-490)
    use wbs-copy function with the flag to update the sales prices: sales prices based on invoicing unit day are not updated.
  • new price list - errror in new wbs line if invoice type of the work package is not resource (#4733, PSA-491)
  • copy ZDE with absence zde-lines causes missing job error (#4737, PSA-476)
  • Strict time budget in ZDE is not working if automatic quantity is over the budget (#4738, PSA-456)
  • Report Job-Time Controll doesn't show the absence lines of unposted ZDE Cards (#4743, PSA-477)
  • Missing calculation trace after recalculation in job evaluation (#4749, PSA-489)
  • Posting Sales Job Ledger by G/L Journal causes wrong sales amount if the job has an Invoice currency code (#4792, PSA-507)
  • Bug in reversal receipt for Item with serial number (#4811, PSA-501)
  • Job Sales Prices get lost in G/L Journal if a Budget line is selected (#4824, PSA-511)
  • Rounding differences by calculation of the job sales prices in G/L Journal line (#4831, PSA-513)
  • Wrong assignment of WorkPackage."Invoice Type" to "JobBudgetLineForPriceCalc.Type" in table "KVSPSAJobPSPLine" -> FindUnitCost (#4836, PSA-517)

21.2.52869.0 - 2022-12-06#


  • Integration new BC price list function (#4121, PSA-153)
  • 2902 - Standardtexts / ExtendedTexts in KVSPSAJob Document Text (5026293) (#4371, PSA-54) This enables the Standardtexts and ExtendedTexts in Job Shipment
  • finished job budget lines no more in resource capacity plan (#4373, PSA-330)
  • Change Function to get the job Account in purchase line by exit if no is empty (#4375, PSA-417)
    The changing makes the job account finding more flexible
  • WBS-Line delete - test on existing job time ledger entries (#4423, PSA-440)
  • Block Work Package (#4425, PSA-395)
  • Change Start and Endig Date with existing work days (#4428, PSA-401)
  • Description 2 in job budget line template (#4431, PSA-434)
  • New Event KVSPSAOnBeforeShowCanceledMsg in Function "CancelPostZDECard" (CU: "KVSPSAZDE-Cancel-Function; ID: 5026224) (#4522, PSA-459)


  • Invoice Type Synchronisation from WBS-Line into Budget lines not correct (#4283, PSA-403)
  • Milestonedefinition get lost by Copy-WBS (#4372, PSA-316)
  • Item reference in budget line filles "Sale-to customer" in the job budget line (#4374, PSA-344)
  • Function copy job template - target job template not selectable as source (#4426, PSA-345)
  • Open Time Sheet by using Telme (Search) not possible (#4427, PSA-413)
  • Tasks Links can be linked to the wrong WBS line ore to a not existing WBS-Line after copy a WBS into a new WBS version (#4429, PSA-415)
  • Rendering Error in Report KVSPSAJobInvoicedPerPeriod (#4458, PSA-444)
  • Skip Blocked Check on PSP-Line by closing the Job (project) (#4460, PSA-412)
  • set status of budget line to finish causes error if there hasn't been something posted (#4461, PSA-446)

21.1.52140.0 - 2022-12-01#


  • Budget line task no. in G/L Journal Line (PSA-339).

21.1.50292.0 - 2022-11-17#


  • Restructure Job Account Schedule by job finance report - Same structure as in BC21 finance report (#4186, PSA-318)
  • Restructure Jobs Setup Page (#4348, PSA-433)


  • Test on PSP-Line Work Status by changing Status in budget line has to be changed (#4286, PSA-399)
  • Wrong Evaluation Books Page in Job Evaluation Rolecenter (#4328, PSA-398)
    On the Evaluation Role Center the wrong page was linked for the Evaluation Books
  • Posting to a G/L Account with a mandatory Dim can fail in a job G/L Journal (#4330, PSA-423)
  • No Dimension Priority by posting time ledger from Time Sheet (#4350, PSA-428)
  • Job Account Schedule - new Account Schedule Line - Filter Problem (#4351, PSA-358)
  • Fixpreis Budget - wrong sales amount in invoice suggestion if invoicing unit is not the base unit of measure (PSA-353)

21.1.49765.0 - 2022-11-15#


  • Integration new BC Price List (#4121, PSA-153)
  • Possibility to change the customer on the job even a sales job posting is existing (#4246, PSA-311)
  • Add setup for update job default dimensions from resources (#4259, PSA-402)
  • project365 Permission Set "KVSPSA Basic" extended by Item Ledger Entry (#4274, PSA-410)
    User Permission Improvement
  • Event Request on Report "KVSPSACreate SalesDoc from PSP (5026238, Report Request)" (#4276, PSA-411)
    Technical Development Improvement
  • Job Wizard - Show Mandatory fields (#4281, PSA-319)
  • Eventsubscriber isHandled changed in codeunit 5025938 "KVSPSATime Sheet Management" (#4295, PSA-419)
  • Technical Changings by transfer of job dims into wbs if the dims are not inserted by a user but by system (GUIALLOWED = FALSE) (#4296, PSA-420)
  • Update to new AL10.0 version (#4300, PSA-422)


  • Copy TimeSheet copies wrong entries (#4260, PSA-404)
    Fix for a Standard Bug, coming with feature update "new time sheet experience".
  • Manual Unit Cost get lost in Budget Line if start date is changed (#4282, PSA-394)
    Manual Purchase Price in Budget line has to be saved if start date is changed in Budget Line.
  • 0 Division in Job Budget line Error possible by changing the Qty. to complete (#4284, PSA-414)
  • German Caption for 2 Menu buttons in WBS Pages missing (#4288, PSA-416)