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EOS factory Product Configurator Bridge#

19.7.64387.0 - 2023-02-28#


  • Added additional price formula in CFG Price Matrix (#4525, FCY-417)
  • Additional prices were not calculated without surcharge item (#5249, FCY-552)
  • Price scale on price matrix was not respected (#5251, FCY-551)

19.7.50950.0 - 2022-11-22#


  • Internal field "Record ID" assigned to new item attributes generated by CFG (#4240, FCY-300)


  • Summary lines added to document structure of sales invoices (#3766, FCY-240)
  • Characteristic could not be editable if value defined as default (#4211, FCY-353)
  • New fields assigned to posted sales credit memo lines (#4278, FCY-297)
    "Sales order No.", "Sales Order Line No." and "Charge Reference Line no." are added to table "Sales Credit memo lines" (ID 115)|
    for better reportings of item charges.
  • CFG price matrix extended (#4315, FCY-43)
    New field price formula added to price matrix and calculated prices transfered to doument lines.