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22.5.99068.0 - 2023-09-19#


  • Resource "Indirect cost %" in job budget lines to calculate unit cost by changing the direct cost (#7153, PSA-1112)
  • Job budget line function "splitt budget line": it must not be possible to select a blocked resource (#7166, PSA-1122)
    It is possible to select a blocked resource in the function to splitt a job budget line, in the moment if the function is creating the new splitt line the user gets an error message. The selection of the resource must be the same as in the job budget line.

22.5.96390.0 - 2023-09-05#


  • Add missing Permissions (#7074, PSA-1083)


  • Some technical changings to enable more customer individual extensions (#7072, PSA-1079)
  • Hide Update Status Message in Price List Header (#7080, PSA-999)

22.4.95449.0 - 2023-09-01#


  • CTC time recording - restriction not working (#6879, PSA-1002)

    the switches to select the time recording options like CTC or job time journal or time sheets, set this time recording possibilites to visible = FALSE or TRUE and set them to be found by Telme or not.

  • Job time journal - change a non billable line in Qty from 0 to >0 the Invoicing Qty. is filled with the Qty it has to stay to 0 (#6926, PSA-1025)

    If a job time journal line is connected to a job budget line which is marked as "non billable" (field billable = FALSE) and the user is changing the Quantity from 0 to a value >0 then the invoicing Qty is changed to the new Quantity. And this is wrong, because a non billable posting must have a invoicing Qty of 0.

  • project365 base calender is not found in TellMe (Search) (#6936, PSA-1033)

    only the bc standard base calender was found by telme but not the project365 base calender, which can be used if the BC license is not a premium one.

  • Resource field "usable in sales" is not checked anymore in sales line (#6937, PSA-1031)

  • Posting Shipment by invoice suggestion is incrementing the quantity in the sales order line by 1 (#6947, PSA-1030)

    This bug was only if an invoice suggestion line was connected to a sales order and the user doesn't use the flag "Prepare for billing" but the flag "invoice on order"

  • Mark a PSP-Line as a Milestone is not possible if the invoice type of the work package is resource (#6951, PSA-1017)

    It was not possible to set a work package wbs-line to milestone (field milestone = TRUE) when the invoicing type of the work package was on resource. This has been fixed.

  • Changing a wbs-line to invoicing type = no billing causes error if there are item budget lines available to the wbs-line (#6959, PSA-1018)

  • Sales Price Calculation on WBS-Line level is ignoring the customer price group in sales price list (#6964, PSA-1009)

    This is only for the new price list function.

  • Focus get lost if Job ledger Entries will be opened form a job list / card (#6966, PSA-1037)

  • create wbs by sales lines - connected sales lines are not filtered by the function (#7029, PSA-1050)

    Improvement to the new function to create wbs by sales lines: starting the function once more has not filtered the non-transfered sales line, all the sales line have been in the function. This has been fixed.


  • Add DateFilter into Plan Actual compare Report (#6889, PSA-986)

    The existing report to compare the budget vs. the actual costs can now be used with the date filter. Only flow fields can be influenced by the date filter. 

  • Create Sales quote / order lines by using a job template (#6925, PSA-963)
    With the new function to create a job (project) and the wbs from a sales quote or order it makes sence to start the process by creating the sales line with a template. The existing job template can now be used to create the sales line to fit the wbs-structure.

  • Mandatory filter in function to create invoice suggestion (#6981, PSA-1044)

    In invoice suggestion, it is now mandatory to give at least one this filters by starting the function "create suggestion lines":
    Job No.
    Customer No.
Person Responsible (job manager)
Invoicing Responsible
Responsibility Center
This is to avoid that all the invoices for all jobs in a company can be blocked by mistake in one invoice suggestion

  • Field no. must not be changed in HR-Cockpit if it is of type = Update (#6982, PSA-1040)
  • Assign a job to a main job by selecting the main job in the main-job-info-field on the job card (#6983, PSA-1043)
  • HR Cockpit - create resource name with convention "LastName FirstName" in the same way like in the other tables, with comma: LastName, FirstName (#6984, PSA-1028)
  • Sales Prices from "Sales job price list" in sales lines without a job no. (use only sales prices without a job no. - neutral prices) (#6999, PSA-1001)
    if the user is giving a work type code into a sales line the job price finding has to be triggered even there is no job no given in the sales line. This is important to find job neutral sales prices in the sales job price list.
  • Select WBS or Budget Line in Subscription Line (#7007, PSA-1052)
  • improvement for the function "create WBS from sales lines" (#7030, PSA-1056)

    some improvements for the new function to creat wbs from sales lines.

  • Set menu item "item tracking lines" in job journal line to visible TRUE (#7049, PSA-1065)

  • Create Sales quote lines by using a job template - Skip line with "copy to sales doc" = "no transfer" (#7054, PSA-1057)
  • Add Job Type Description in Job Card (#7057, PSA-1070)
  • More fields on page KVSPSAChangeJobCard (5026118) (#7059, PSA-1063)
  • change the description in Page milestone links for MenuItem to assign the wbs-lines (#7069, PSA-1078)

22.4.92396.0 - 2023-08-11#


  • Automatical find of unique Budget Line in Job Time Recording when Job is setup with "Time Posting Level" = 'WBS' (#6666, PSA-947)
    If a job budget line is found by automatic in the job time recording then the job budget line no. has been transfered into the job time registration line but not the to-do No. of the job budget line, for this the automatic was not clear for the user because only the to-do No. is visible but not the job budget line no.
    Necessary setting: job ist set to time-posting-level = wbs-line AND in the jobs setup the flag "auto budget relation by posting" is set to TRUE.
  • Report Job-Time Controll - Resourcefilter is not working (#6692, PSA-953)
  • Deleting the "job no" out of sales line validates the "job no" of the sales header into the field (#6694, PSA-954)
  • CTC: Invoicing QTY in case of invoicable = false is filled with QTY if QTY is changed (#6894, PSA-1004)
  • CTC: Flag invoicable is not correct transfered from the job budget line (#6898, PSA-1007)


  • Create job by sales quote / order (#5498, PSA-41)
    Starting the sales process in another way: by the sales quote without an existing job (project).
    After changing the quote to an order it is possible to create the job (project) including the WBS and job-budget-lines. For this there is a new pre-connection to the sales line existing which defines the level of the sales line (wbs-line or budget line) and of course the work package code and the task fields.
  • resource filter in job time controlling (#5667, PSA-699)
    for regular users it is not possible to open time registration of other users. This filter on the users resource must be implemented on the job time controlling reports and pages.
  • New page with modify permission to change only some fields (#6626, PSA-818)
    In some company the creating and modify the job data is very restrictiv. The most users have only read permissions to the job table. To give them the possibility to change some special fields we have implemented a page with this fields, this page has the modify permission. So if the user has the indirect modify permission the user will be able to change this fields in that special page, but no other fields of the job.
  • Service Package (#6630, PSA-43)
    Use special resources as service packages to be used in job budget lines and in sales lines. The service packages are invoiced by fixed price with Qty = 1. The service packages can be posted by the internal resources in hours, so it will be possible to controll the profit of each service package.
  • Deferral Posting in General Journal Line in combination with "Job Posting Type" (#6676, PSA-759)
    In General Journal Line it has to be possible to post on G/L Accounts with "Job Posting Type" Purchase or Sales in combination with deferral templates.
  • Filterpage for Job team table to investigate the resources in all job teams (#6702, PSA-955)
    New page can be found on project365 project manager role center or by TelMe.
  • Fix failing test "738_11__PostJobGLJournalGenPostingTypeSalesWithGLAccountJobEntryTypeUsageWithDeferralCode" (#6707, PSA-961)
  • Update a job by existing customer if the job is changed from quote to open (=order) and connected to a contact but not to a customer (#6713, PSA-797)

    If a job (project) in status quote, that has been created to a contact which is not connected to a customer, is changed into status open (order) then a customer has to be created for the contact. This is possible in the job-changing process from quote to open. But if the customer is meanwhile existing it is not necessary to create a new customer but to search and insert the correct customer into the job (project).

  • No test on customer in job wizard if using an internal job type (#6714, PSA-860)

    Job Types for internal jobs (projects) are marked in the field "Internal job". If such a job type is used in a job (project) a customer is not necessary in this job.

  • Notification message in case of change of field "Non-Deductible VAT % " in Advance Payment. Documents (#6732, PSA-972)
    Changing the dimension in an advance payment document can change the % of the non deductible VAT if there is a setting by dimension. This has to be refelected by the user with secure questions.

  • Cannot post unrealized VAT that contains Non-Deductible VAT in Purchase Invoice (Advance Payment) (#6744, PSA-970)
    Function "Non-Deductible VAT" in advance-payment module with "Unrealized VAT".
  • Assembly Items with Assembly policy = Assemble-to-Order must not be inserted in job (project) sales quote/order (#6764, PSA-965)

    Assembly Items with Assembly policy = Assemble-to-Order must not be inserted in job (project) sales quote/order.
    Reason: Assemble-to-order items are assembled automaticaly by posting the shipment, the items are posted from location and the assemble item is posted on the location, this assemble items are posted as shipment to the customer. But, if a job no. is given in a sales line, there is no location posting by the shipment. This process is not supported in proejct365.

  • Change caption for field-option "commitment" in table KVSPSAJob Column Layout (5025864) field Entry Type into "purchase commitment" (#6768, PSA-952)

  • Create Job journal for existing resource with update function in HR-Cockpit (#6769, PSA-951)

    If an existing employee is updated in the HR-Cockpit, it is now possible to create a job journal batch by seting the flag "project manager" to TRUE. Bevor this update this was only possible in the creating process and not in the update process.

  • Fix "ContextSensitiveHelpPage": Fragment '#anchor' not found in Url (#6781, PSA-990)

    Technical improvement to have a better online help support.

  • new default "document type" for wbs-function "create purchase document" (#6789, PSA-992)

     New field in "jobs setup" to define a "default document type" for the wbs-function "create purchase document"

  • Check failed tests in W1 / AT / CH Database (#6819, PSA-994)

    Technical improvement

  • New setting to create only 1 invoice from invoice suggestion (no extra invoice for invoice plan lines) (#6820, PSA-893)
    New setup field in jobs setup to define if there should be only 1 invoice created by the invoice suggestion if there are invoice suggestion lines connected to a invoice plan marked together with other invoice suggestion lines of the same job (project) to create a direct invoice. Without that flag there are 2  direct invoice created, one for the invoice plan and one for the other invoice suggestions.

  • Setting to define posting date for invoice plan invoices (#6890, PSA-894)
    New setting to define the posting date for invoices created to invoice plan by invoice suggestion or by function in invoice plan. The options are "planning date" and "current date". The setting is not possible if the setting "no separate invoice for invoice payment plan" is set to TRUE, because in this case there will be only 1 invoice combining the invoice plan together with the wbs-lines without invoice plan, and this invoice will have the current date as posting date.
  • Changings in Non-Deductible VAT functions of the pre-payment module have to be implemented into the bridgeApp (#6899, PSA-1011)

    This is a technical Improvement

  • Access to employee "miscellaneous article information" by the resource card/list (#6901, PSA-1005)
    Direct access from resource card / list to "miscellaneous article information" of the connected employee. The user is able to see only the information of his own resource/employee. It is not possible to watch other informations. Only special marked users (new field in user setup) have access to all "miscellaneous article information".

22.3.87484.0 - 2023-07-14#


  • Invoice line for wbs-line level (time&materials) created by invoice suggestion must not have a budget line connection even if the job ledger entries are connected to a budget line (#6566, PSA-925)
    If the time posting is on job budget line level but the invoicing level is wbs-line, and there is no sales order existing, the invoice line created by the invoice suggestion is now connected to the job budget line of the first job ledger entry which is invoiced by this invoice line. This has been fixed, because in this case the invoice line must not be connected on budget line level only on wbs-line level.
  • Re-Test and corrections for non-deductible VAT (#6637, PSA-944)
  • Bug in table 39 (page 54) by looking up the "KVSPSAWork Package Code" field. (#6644, PSA-948)
  • Show either "Base Calender Code" or "Base Calender PSA Code" in "Ressource List" (based on field "Resource Calendar Type" in "Ressource Setup") (#6646, PSA-945)


  • Check Invoicing Quantity on sales line if job invoice ledger entries are existing to the sales line (#6587, PSA-927)
  • New Filter on team roles in function create invoice suggestion (#6594, PSA-773)
  • Event Requests in Time Management (#6607, PSA-941)
  • Eventrequests for Dimension functions (#6608, PSA-940)
  • No update of Billable in time journal line by budget line if quantity is validated (#6618, PSA-929)
  • Show No. and description of Main job on job card (#6621, PSA-931)
  • Remove field in BC22.2 (#6629, PSA-836)

22.2.85643.0 - 2023-07-04#


  • General performance and stability improvements.

22.2.85618.0 - 2023-07-04#


  • HR-cockpit - it must not be possible to define 2 employees to the same user-id (#6547, PSA-917)
  • New price list function causes error by insert an item in a second line of a purchase order (#6550, PSA-922)
  • non-deductible VAT - Error on posting / open purchase pages (#6568, PSA-938)

22.2.85279.0 - 2023-07-03#


  • Sales Lines - Error on Select multiple Work Packages on cancel (#6357, PSA-875)
    Quitting the sales line function to change work package for selected sales lines causes an error. This has been fixed.
  • Job Ledger Entries - Change selected Work Packages with open Invoices should bring an error (#6363, PSA-877)
    Changing the work package for a job ledger entry which is in invoicing process (job invoice ledger is existing) by function is not possible. This check is not working if the user is using the alternative function to change the work package for some selected job ledger entries. This has been fixed.
  • Deferral job posting in purchase invoice for a resource uses only the direct cost but should use the unit cost including the indirect costs of the resource (#6379, PSA-874)
  • Deferral Posting: Additional document line dimensions are missing in created Job Ledger Entries (#6393, PSA-885)
  • Deferral Posting: Wrong Job Ledger Entry No. range in created G/L Journal (#6394, PSA-886)
  • Deferral Posting: Wrong calculation of amount/price fields based on local currency in Job Ledger Entry (+ additional unnecessary Job Ledger Entry gets created) (#6399, PSA-887)
  • new BC price lists - project365 price priority is not working automatically in sales lines (#6414, PSA-883)
  • Missing Job Ledger Entry No. by Posting Payment (#6469, PSA-906)
  • cancel purchase receipt with items (without item tracking) connected to a job and active job location fails with error (#6489, PSA-897)


  • Non-deductible VAT - Posting to the job extension (#6061, PSA-465)
    The BC Standard function "non-deductible VAT" is implementet into the project365.
  • Set field Work package code in order quote line to editable = FALSE (#6420, PSA-890)
    For safety reasons it is necessary to set the field work package code to editable FLASE in all document lines, because if a user copies the value of that field from the line above by pressing F8, the reference to the wbs-line is not transfered, only the work package code is copied but not the other reference fields.
  • Events Request project Base App (#6459, PSA-899)
  • Add job team roles 6 - 10 in job card (#6534, PSA-932)

22.2.81810.0 - 2023-06-14#


  • Dimension in Main Job list (#6059, PSA-794)

    Open the Dimensions to a main job now in the main job list (not only in the main job card).

  • Deleting challenges WBS (#6105, PSA-779)

  • Description 2 is not transferred into job time journal with job time ledger entry cancel function (#6119, PSA-819)
  • Selection of Work Package Code in Purchase Order does not fill the G/L Account No. automatically (#6136, PSA-824)
    If a "usage G/L account" is defined for a work package this G/L account has to be inserted automatically into a purchase line after the selection of the wbs-line.
  • Posting levels on job card must not be set to option BLANK (#6137, PSA-817)
  • Wrong Notification in purchase documents (#6213, PSA-841)
  • Following the 'undo receipr' operation, in 'Posted receipt', it created a double reversal line and the field 'Nr. customer /No. vendor' are not reported (#6279, PSA-843)


  • Job inventory pick in planning work sheet (#5680, PSA-706)
  • Lagerentnahme -> Planungsarbeitsblatt mit Ber├╝cksichtigung des Projektlagerbestands (#6121, PSA-778)
  • Change User Message in purchase line with external resouce using the "purchase invoice ledger entries" (#6157, PSA-822)
    If an external resource which is posting time ledger entries to the job is invoiced by an purchase invoice line the connection to the time ledger posting (job ledger entries) is made by purchase invoice ledger entries to avoid a double posting. If the Quantity and / or amount is different (purchase line vs. job ledger entries) there will be correction posting to the job. This is announced to the user, but this message is not very clear, we have changed this message.
  • Use the field "To-Job bin code" on table "Location" as default Bin Code in job budget lines (#6160, PSA-821)
    If an item is inserted into a job budget line with a location code, the "To-Job bin code" of the location is used as default in the job budget line.
  • Event requested: event to not run the code in the CheckSourceJobPSPHeader function (#6170, PSA-831)
  • Request to remove the 'internal' attribute from the internal procedure SetJob function (#6171, PSA-830)
  • Create Milestone definition to a WBS-line of the type "work packag" - mark the corresponding wbs-lines in the field "suspend billing" automatically (#6174, PSA-816)

    If some wbs-lines are connected to a "milestone wbs-line" of the type "work package" by the "milestone definition" function these connected wbs-lines are now marked automatically in the field "suspend billing". This automatism was only available if the milestone line has been of the type "BLANK". By marking the connected wbs-lines in the field "suspend billing" the wbs-lines are not invoiced by the invoice suggestion. Only the Milestone line will be invoiced. The idea is, to create an invoice plan to the milestone line by the function "update payment plan" including the sum of the sales amounts of all connected wbs-lines.

  • Transfer description from WBS-Line or job budget line into sales line with function "get Work package" (#6214, PSA-842)

  • Set field work package code in sales lines and purchase lines to editable = FALSE (#6232, PSA-802)
    To avoid problems with wbs-line references the field work package code in sales and purchase line pages has to be set to editable FALSE. The selection of the correct wbs-line must be by the function. This function is used automatically with the Lookup in the field work package code. With the editable FALSE it is no more possible to copy a work package code from the line above with F8.
  • Register for outgoing invoices - Outgoing invoice book (#6241, PSA-795)
  • Main job Sum-Dimension only if Dimension Integration is set (#6310, PSA-754)
  • request to add event in tableextension 5025854 "KVSPSASalesHeader" (#6340, PSA-863)
  • Automatic job type dimension into the job (project) (#6343, PSA-644)
    It is possible to define dimensions to Job types. If a job type is validated into a (new) job, the dimensions of the job type are transfered into the job. In jobs Setup it is possible to define a dimension for job types, if a new job type is created a new dimension code to this dimension is created and connected to the new job type. In job controlling it is easy to filter the data by the dimension of the job type.

22.1.77305.0 - 2023-05-16#


  • send job budget line to outlook calendar - technical error message (#5373, PSA-627)
  • Avoid WBS without budget name (#5738, PSA-722)
    In some cases it was possible to create wbs-Header without a job budget name, this has been fixed.
  • Wrong Dimension by job discount posting (#5751, PSA-697)
    Posting a discount by a payment to a purchase invoice which is connected to a job results to a automatic job ledger posting of this discount. This job ledger has not the correct dimensions.
  • RealEstate App: Default budget line type and no. in work package is not working any more (#5830, PSA-762)
  • Question to transfer WBS Description into purchase line shouldn't appear if the user is canceling the WBS-selection function (#5846, PSA-764)

    By selecting a WBS in a purchase line the Question if WBS-Description should be transfered to the purchase line shouldn't appear if the user is canceling the WBS-selection-function.

  • Block a Job for time posting by the field "Blocked (User)" is not working correct (#5849, PSA-763)

  • Dimension update in Order Quote Lines doesn't use the job No in the line (#5861, PSA-765)

    If a order quote header is connected to a job, the header dimensions are defined by this job. If the user changing the job no in one of the order quote lines the dimensions to this lines are not updated correctly.

  • recreation of purchase lines because of changing an important field in the purchase header doesn't use the correct job no and wbs-connection (#5862, PSA-768)
    Changing an important field in the purchase header (like "VAT Bus. Posting Group") causes a recreation of the purchase lines. In that case the job connection is getting lost.

  • VAT Reporting Date is wrong if a shipment is posted by the invoice suggestion (it has to be the same as the new posting date) (#5989, PSA-784)
  • function "get work packages for selected lines" in order quote doesn't work (#6041, PSA-766)
  • Sum WBS - Avoid Error Message about unused fields (#6042, PSA-785)


  • change field type from option to enum for field "Source table" in table KVSPSAPostedJobEvalTemplateLi (#5737, PSA-721)
  • Print sales document without a job no in sales header - label "Job No." shouldn't be visible (#5744, PSA-740)
    If there is no job no in the sales header the label "job No." should not be printed in the sales document for example sales invoice.
  • Disable and hide 2 unused BC Standard functions on the job card (#5810, PSA-753)
  • Default Job team roles (#5929, PSA-772)
  • Test on the "Job entry type" of the "G/L Account" in sales and purchase lines (#5954, PSA-758)
    the testing on the filed "Job Entry Type" of a G/L Account using the G/L Account in a sales or purchase line has to be modified:
    In Sales lines it is not allowed to use G/L account with "Job Entry Type"::usage in combination with a deferral template, only BLANK or sales
    In Purchase lines it is not allowed to use G/L account with "Job Entry Type"::sales in combination with a deferral template, only BLANK or purchase
  • Job time controlling (posting the job time ledger into the job via job journal) by a time controler and not by job manager (#6040, PSA-470)
    It can be defined in the jobs setup, that the job time controlling is not done by the job managers but by time inspectors. For each resource it is possible to define 2 time inspectors (one is a substitute) who will be able to call the time postings of the resource into the job journal and post them as job ledger entries. If a resource is added into a job team (manually or automatically by job budget line), the 2 time inspectors are inserted automatically into the same job team including the flag "release time entry". If the time inspector function is set, there are 6 information stacks on the job management role center (3 about the time controlling as a time inspector and 3 about the time controlling as a substitute). If the time inspector function is NOT set, the 3 well known information stacks about the time controlling as job manager are present.
  • discontinuation support contract module (#6043, PSA-610)
  • Post Code on job table: move the code to select the post code from OnAfterValidate to OnBeforeValidate (#5956, PSA-752)

22.0.72463.0 - 2023-04-13#


  • Purchase Line job splitting function (#5459, PSA-661)

    Job Splitting function in purchase line has been improved by some issues.
    The job splitting function can separate one purchase line connected to a job-wbs-line, into several postings for different budget lines ore for other wbs-lines of the same job.

  • CTC (Time tracking) - Release a card has to test on "strict time budget" (#5465, PSA-622)

  • Transfer order for job budget lines even if the item is not set for this in stock keeping unit (#5466, PSA-637)

    The function to create transfer orders for job budget lines shows only items which are setup in "replenishment system" = transfer order. But to see all items there is now a new flag in the function "create transfer order" to show them all.

  • Remove copied standard reports and switch to report extensions (BC22) (#5493, PSA-323)

    Technical development. We deleted 2 functional reports and are using now the BC standard reports instead. The BC standard reports are 513 "Move IC Trans. to Partner Comp" + 5753 "Get Source Documents" expanded by some branch extensions.

  • Transfer Orders with job reference from planning worksheet (#5643, PSA-701)

    If a transfer order is created for a planning worksheet line which is connected to a job-budgetline, the connection to the job budgetline is getting lost in the transfer order, this has been fixed.

  • Save values in request page of "Retrieve Time Entries" (report 5025854 "KVSPSARetrieveTimeLedgEntries") (#5653, PSA-703)

    More user comfort. The last used filters in the "job journal" function "retrieve time entries" can be reused now.

  • Fill "E-Mail" in User Setup from HR Cockpit (#5657, PSA-679)

    The field "E-mail" in the table "user Setup" is now filled and updated by the HR Cockpit,

  • HR Cockpit open User Setup Card (#5659, PSA-678)

    In the HR Cockpit the user can now open the "User Setup Card" directly instead of the "User setup list".

  • Deactivation of unused BC-Standard-Field "Default WIP Method" (#5663, PSA-698)

    To avoid problems, the unused standard BC field "default WIP Method" in "Jobs Setup" is deactivated.

  • Add Job Title in WBS-with budget page (#5671, PSA-668)

  • error dialog with action if insert of new wbs-line fails because integer split of the prime key (line no.) is no more possible (#5675, PSA-665)
  • Obsolate of the web-services - roll back (#5676, PSA-709)

    The web-services shiped by the project365 will not be deleted in the near future, the obsolate status has been canceled.

  • New Flowfield "Job Description" on job budget line to use in page "Job Budget List" (#5685, PSA-711)
    This is for more user information, not only the job number but aditional the job description.

  • Automatic new dimension value type sum for main jobs (#5726, PSA-645)
    It can be set up that a main job will be automatically a sum-dimension and every job which is defined to that main job is in the sum calculation.
  • Link a job contact to a wbs-line (work package) (#5728, PSA-646)
    The contact of the vendor in Purchase document which is connected to a job (project) is automatically inserted into the job contacts. If every purchase line is connected to the same wbs-line the job contact is connected to that wbs-line (new field on job contact).
  • check if job (project) is in another invoice suggestion and skip it to avoid double invoicing (#5730, PSA-664)
    The use gets a message if one or more jobs (projects) have been skipped to avoild double invoicing.


  • Deferrals - calculating too far into the future (#5499, PSA-675)

    Posting deferrals in a G/L Journal - the calculation end date was not correct.

  • "Mark all" button in Create Purchase Doc did not work (#5513, PSA-676)

  • Create Sales Documents - Use values from Budget (#5525, PSA-680)
    If the user has changed budget lines for a wbs-line and is using immediately the function to create a new sales document it can be that the new value of the wbs-line has not updated by the budget lines, and if the wbs-line has to be transfered into the sales document it has the wrong values.
  • unmark all job budgetlines by opening the page to create new transfer orders (#5576, PSA-666)

    By opening the wbs function "create transfer order" the former marked job budget lines are still marked, this has been fixed. 

  • Wrong table relation in item journal line in the field "New Step Code" (#5637, PSA-696)

    The table relation of the field New Step Code was in connection to the field "Job No." but it has to be chaned to the field "New Job No.".

  • new price lists - it must not be possible to create job sales prices in the "sales price list" only in "job sales price liste" (#5669, PSA-707)

    New BC Price List function: It was possible to create sales prices for jobs in the "normal" sales price list. This has to be separated strictly.

  • Move action "Guarantees" in Job List and Job Card to "Related" (out of group "Measurement") (#5698, PSA-713)

  • Insert customer for a new job (project) on the job card (not on the wizzard page) in customer name field is not working correct (#5710, PSA-717)
  • Order Quote Integration - Manual job and WBS selection to be fixed (#5711, PSA-715)
    The selection of a WBS-Line in order quote lines have been improved.
  • cancel purchase receipt with items connected to a job and active job location (#5731, PSA-719)
    It was no more possible to cancel a purchase receipt line with an item connected to a job (project) if the "purchase job location" was active (no automatic job posting by purchase receipt).