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23.5.991.0 - 2024-03-27#


  • Recreate sales lines by changing the customer - sales line extended texts issues (#10579, PSA-1732)
  • Update payment plan doesn't calculate with invoiced payment plan lines (#10588, PSA-1733)
  • Remove upgrade procedure "UpgradeDimensionsInTimeSheetLine" and automatically set Default Dimensions at posting for Time Sheets (when "Dimension Set Id" is 0 in Time Sheet lines) (#10598, PSA-1736)


  • Make procedures "JobPostShptShipTo" and "JobShptShipTo" in codeunit KVSPSAFormatAddress external available (#10619, PSA-1739)

23.5.970.0 - 2024-03-22#


  • Create wbs by sales lines - predefined step code is deleted by marking a sales line to be sended to wbs (#10495, PSA-1663)
  • Copy wbs function: Current profit must be 0 if the target is an other project (#10540, PSA-1523)
  • Invoicing% in Job Budget line doesn't calculate the invoicing Qty. (#10541, PSA-1585)
  • App not upgradeable due to upgrade routine - procedure "UpgradeDimensionsInTimeSheetLine" (#10577, PSA-1731)


  • Create wbs by sales document: New setting to define if additional wbs-lines into existing wbs should be created with Begin-End-Total-Block (#10496, PSA-1582)
    It is possible to extend an existing wbs from a sales document by function. In this case a Begin-Total-Block is created automatically for this new wbs-lines with the information of the sales document no. With a new setting-field in the project setup it is possible to switch this automatic on and off.

23.5.912.0 - 2024-03-14#


  • RunModal error at closing price list with duplicate prices (#8625, PSA-1686)
    Create and modify in price lists (new price list function) may cause duplicate prices (2 or more price list lines do have the same field value, so all these prices are valid in the same time). For this a function is existing to check the price list line for duplicates. This check is done automatically by closing a price list in status acitv. If there are some duplicates existing regarding the current price list, the "duplicate page" is opened automatically, and this auto-open caused a "RunModal error", this has been fixed.
  • Time Sheet - Job Ledger entries are not documented after posting a time Sheet line (table 951) (#8628, PSA-1591)
  • Automatically created job by field "Resource Absence Job Name" in "Resource Planning Setup" will not be used for "Resource-Job Planning" (#8630, PSA-1689)
    Absence registration can be imported into the resource planning board by a function. For this a dummy project is used. This project is not existing but a resource planning line for this dummy project is created to insert all the absence registrations. The information about this dummy project was not inserted correctly by this function.


  • Price and cost update for service package resources by manual function (#8580, PSA-1651)
    Changing the unit cost or sales price on a resource which is defined as a service package will automatically update the price in the defined price list (defined in project setup). The new price list line is inserted with the work date. Some times this is not very practically, so we implemented in addition a function to update the prices on demand and a setting in project setup to define if the prices are updated automatically or by function.
  • Set field "Res.-No" in CTC tables to obsolete and switch functionality to field "ZDE No." or "No." (#8633, PSA-1690)
    Technical Improvement

23.5.881.0 - 2024-03-07#


  • Manual invoicing quantity in time tracking for "time and material" - some Improvements (#8419, PSA-1509)
    more checks implemented, more fields visible in time tracking and job journal
  • Update Page only by editing Begin-Totals (#8425, PSA-1613)
    Technical improvement in wbs-page
  • Error in validation of field "KVSPSAInvoicing Type" in JobPSPLine during creation of WBS by a Sales Quote (#8542, PSA-1644)
    Technical Improvement
  • Calculation base mapping is not inserted from job template by using the function "add new template into wbs" (#8567, PSA-1552)
  • Field "Invoicing Quantity" in Job Budget Line will be reset to its previous value due to validation in old sales price finding logic (#8584, PSA-1673)
  • Table Tracking Specification (336) is deleted completly after function "delete project reference" in item ledger entry with item tracking (#8586, PSA-1672)


  • Avoid multiple assign of the same job team role in the jobs setup fields (#8415, PSA-1512)
    In "Jobs Setup", up to 10 roles can be defined in the "Job Team Roles tab" to be displayed on the project card.
    New check so that each team role can only be entered there once.
  • New setup field to set "Auto Activity Code" field in wbs-lines to editable = FALSE (#8418, PSA-1551)
    New setup field to set the auto-activity-code in wbs-line and project template to editable=FALSE.
    The auto-activity-code can be selected: phase or task or step code. This auto activity code is filled automatically to ensure the wbs-line is unique (the combination of work package code+phase+task+step code must be unique in a wbs). So the user doesn't have to take care about this. So in normal way there is no need to change the auto-activity-code and this field can be set to editable = FALSE.
  • Change the setup for Changing the job (project) Customer by existing sales job entries with 2 options: "in general" "for selected users". (#8424, PSA-1581)
    We have changed the setup for the function "change customer in project even if there is a sales job ledger existing".
    Now it is no more a boolean field to switch the function on or off, but it is a option field with this possibilities:
  • no change allowed
  • general change allowed
  • change only for selected users allowed
    using the 3. option gives the possibility to define users which are able to change the customers. For this a new field is inserted into the user setup "customer change despite revenue"
  • job (project) wbs-template lines: check "copy to sales Doc." vs. "Expand budget lines" (#8482, PSA-1499)
    This belongs to the process "create wbs by sales document". If the sales document lines have been created by using a project template, it is possible to have a sales line which will be a wbs-line. If there are some budget lines in the template, it is possible to insert this budget lines from the template into the new wbs-line by marking the template line in the field "expand budget lines". This field makes only sense if the field "transfer to sales" is on wbs-level. This is checked now in the project template lines.
  • Generation of a credit note if the total of the invoice suggestion is negative (#8485, PSA-1466)
    Create a direct sales invoice (not an invoice of an existing sales order) by an invoice suggestion, the total amount of the selected invoice suggestion lines must not be negative, because it is not possible to post an invoice with a negative total amount. To avoid this we create a credit memo in that situation,
  • Add event "KVSPSAOnBeforeAddWorkPackagesOnJobContactForSingleWorkPackagePurchases" in codeunit "PurchaseSubscribers" (#8516, PSA-1636)
    Technical Improvement
  • Add publishers "KVSPSAOnAfterCheckJobUseResPricesInFindResJobPSPPrice" (codeunit PriceCalcPricePrio) and "KVSPSAOnAfterCheckJobUseResPricesInOnBeforeFindJobJnlLinePrice" (codeunit SalesPriceCalcMgt) (#8518, PSA-1637)
  • Make procedures external available and add publisher (#8519, PSA-1638)
    Technical Improvement
  • Adapt dimension handling of Sales Line in tableextension of Time Sheet Line (#8523, PSA-1639)
    Technical Improvement
  • Add event "KVSPSAOnBeforeCreateBudgetLine" in codeunit SalesDocToJobMgt (#8525, PSA-1640)
    Technical Improvement
  • Use IsHandled pattern in procedure UpdateOverBudgetvalue in table table "Job" (#8538, PSA-1587)
    Technical Improvement
  • Make "GetSuitableInvRes" external accessible and pass variable "NextLineNo" in event "KVSPSAOnBeforeCreateInvoiceLine" as reference (#8559, PSA-1648)
    Technical improvement
  • Remove FactBox "Power BI Reports" from page Job List (#8572, PSA-1661)
    The BC-Standard "Power BI Reports" FactBox will be deleted, so we have to delete this out of the project list.
  • Make procedures external accessible in codeunit "KVSPSAJob Forecast Functions" (#8574, PSA-1662)

23.4.761.0 - 2024-02-15#


  • Job Sales price list: changing from item to resource in a new line the work type is not editable (#8327, PSA-1569)
  • Dimensions in time sheet - Direct job posting is not working (#8354, PSA-1588)
  • Dimensions from WBS line will not be transferred to Advance Payment documents (#8356, PSA-1296)
    Dimensions from WBS lines are not being transferred to Advance Invoice Lines
  • Start graphical Resource planner - Filter on job budget line status has to be changed (no completed budget lines) (#8360, PSA-1594)


  • Event for new split criteria when creating invoices from invoice suggestion (#7981, PSA-1460)
  • Add event "KVSPSAOnAfterBudgetIntoPSPLine" at the end of "procedure BudgetIntoPSPLine" in JobPSPLine (#8324, PSA-1580)
  • Change english option values in table "Resource Planning Setup" (#8353, PSA-1590)
    More useful option values in resource planning setup fields

23.4.723.0 - 2024-02-05#


  • Transfer resource group job budget lines from job template into sales lines, some Informations get lost (#8093, PSA-1498)
    Funktion to create sales line by job (project) template: if the transfer level is job budget line and a resource group is in the job budget template line the type of the sales line is resource (because there is no resource group in the sales line), and the no. is the invoicing resource of the work package. Some informations were missing in the new sales line: Quantity and the description. In the funtion to create the job (project), the target type is resource group and the target no. is predefined by the no. of the template line.
  • Saved views in "KVSPSAPSP Lines with Budget (5026056, List)" are leading to an error (#8165, PSA-1535)
    Technical Improvement
  • Price finding in order quote (#8229, PSA-1547)
    Bug Fixing of the price finding (new price list function) in the order quote document
  • Correct Dimension of job ledger entries - Sub Page has to show job ledger and not G/L Ledger entries (#8263, PSA-1519)
  • Change job no in purchase header - all purchase lines are updated with new job no. - only resource, item, G/L lines should be (#8264, PSA-1533)
    Changing the field "job no." in the purchase header, only purchase lines of type item, resource and G/L Account have to be updated, all other types have to stay BLANK.
  • Update payment plan doesn't calculate with "final invoice" payment plan lines (#8306, PSA-1575)


  • job budget line function "splitt budget line": new Option to recalculate the prices in the new line (#8094, PSA-1492)
    Job budget line function "splitt budget line": If the new job budget line has a different resource no. the price finding is startet automatically. If the resource no. will be the same and the new budget line has a new starting date, the user can chose if the price finding has to start for the new job budget line.
  • Add several publishers and external procedures for HR Cockpit (#8140, PSA-1531)
    Technical Improvement
  • Several changes due to refactoring (#8143, PSA-1534)
    Technical Improvement
  • Add Mandatory Fields Check for Guarantee (#8173, PSA-1537)
    It is possible to define mandatory fields and their check for the guarantee table.
  • Add a tableextension key on the TIME SHEET DETAIL with the field "KVSPSAJob Ledger Entry No." (#8188, PSA-1494)
    Technical Improvement
  • Fill field "Phone No." in User Setup by HR Cockpit (#8249, PSA-1560)
  • Add IsHandled event publisher before asking the user to transfer the description from WBS line (#8252, PSA-1561)
    Technical Improvement
  • Add missing key in Guarantee Table (#8257, PSA-1562)
    Technical Improvement
  • Add event publishers in AdvancePaymentPlanMgt (#8282, PSA-1564)
    Technical Improvement
  • Change resource type "external" to a boolean field (#8300, PSA-1550)
    external resources can be defined by selecting the option "external" in the field type. This has to be changed, because the field "type" is BC-Standard, only the option "external" has been implemented by project365. In the job (project) table the field responsible (= BC-Standard field) has a table relation to resource with the filter "type=person". And KUMAVISION can't change this filter by extension. So it was not possible to define an external resource as a job (project) responsible. Now we have changed this. External resource is no longer an option in the field "Type" but a new boolean field on the resource card.
  • Change resource type "external" to a boolean field - some improvements (#8308, PSA-1576)

23.3.593.0 - 2024-01-16#


  • job (project) Dimensions are missing in production order line after creating a production order from job budget line (#7879, PSA-1403)
  • Cost-factor in wbs-line doesn't change the sales-price (only sales-price (LCY) is calculated) (#7880, PSA-1404)
    With the cost factor on the wbs-line it is possible to calculate the sales price on the wbs-line by multiplication of the unit cost. If the sales price is a manual price (field "manual sales price" is set to TRUE) there is no sales price calculation.
  • Check RowNo. vs. G/L integration code in KVSPSAEvaluation Template (5025985) (#7957, PSA-1430)
    In Evaluation template it is necessary to have a RowNo in a line with "G/L integration Code". This is checked now: No Integration Code if there is no RowNo in the line.
  • create wbs by sales lines - resource group of the job budget template line failes if the job budgets are created by the job template (#7995, PSA-1469)
    Create a sales quote, create the sales lines by a job template (by using the function).
    If there is a job template line transfered on wbs-line level into the sales line and if this template line has template budget lines which has to be inserted in the new wbs, it failed if the template budget lines are of the type ResourceGroup.
  • Create job (project) in status quote to a contact without customer the Invoicing Customer of the customer template isn't used in the job (#8000, PSA-1470)
    Creating a new job (project) in status quote to a contact without a customer it is necessary to use a customer template. If this template has a bill-to customer, this customer wasn't inserted into the bill-to customer of the new job (project).
  • Create job (project) from sales quote to a contact without customer doesn't fill Bill-to customer from customer template (#8001, PSA-1471)
    Creating a sales quote to a contact (without customer), it is necessary to use a customer template in the sales quote. If that customer template has a Bill-to customer this is not filled into the bill-to customer of the quote, this is a BC-Standard-Bug and is reported to Microsoft. Creating a job (project) by function to this quote the bill-to customer of the used customer template is inserted into the bill-to-customer of the new job (project).
  • Wrong function call of action "Calculate Predecessors" in "WBS Lines Incl. Budget Lines" (#8044, PSA-1497)
    Technical Improvement


  • User query by chaning job (project) dims to be transfered into wbs: ask the user by existing wbs-lines not by existing job budget entries (#7881, PSA-1401)
    changing a dimension in the job (project) causes a transfer of the dimension change into the wbs. The user was asked to do so only if there were some job budget entries existing. If only some wbs-lines or job budget lines without entries were existing the question to the user didn't appear, the changing of the dimensions was excecuted automatically. Now the question to the user appears if wbs-lines are existing (it doesn't matter if there is a job budget line or not).
  • Change shortcut for function "item tracking lines" in job shipment line (page KVSPSAJob Shipment Subform (5026011) (#7882, PSA-1402)
  • Indirect cost% for resource purchase line is not supported in BC standard (#7887, PSA-1408)
    In purchase line the field "indirect cost %" can be used for resources in the same way as for items.
  • Field "budget calculation" must not be editable in wbs-lines of type BLANK, End-Total, Heading, Block (#7896, PSA-1415)
  • deactivate line functions in PSP-Pages if they don't fit for the line type (begin-total, end-total, heading, BLANK) (#7898, PSA-69)
    More user-friendly to show the user which funtion can be used on the current wbs-line or job budget line
  • Remove skill functionality for Job Budget Line Templates (followup of PSA-591) (#7901, PSA-595)
    Skills can be defined in wbs-line and so predefined in the job-wbs-template lines.
    Skills can't be defined in job budget liens, and so they are removed from job-budget-template line.
  • Event Request Service line function checkcontractrelation (#7907, PSA-1420)
    Technical improvement
  • Undo shipment function in Posted Job Shipment (#7909, PSA-1292)
    It is possible to cancel each posted job shipment line (only the complete quantity, no partial canceling).
  • Add "Job" as related table for Word Interaction Templates (#7965, PSA-1456)
    Job (project) fields can now be used in WORD templates.
  • Create wbs by sales lines - use predefined work status (#7987, PSA-1467)
    Create wbs by the sales document lines which have been created by a job template, the defined "work status" in the job template line are used in the new wbs-line
  • Show field "Sum-WBS" in WBS-Header only if sum-wbs is defined in jobs setup (#7991, PSA-1427)
    More user-friendly, to hide the field if this can't be used.
  • job account entries for active wbs-version on job card and list (#7992, PSA-1428)
  • Reduce the level of the menu "related" in job template pages (#7993, PSA-1438)
    More User-friendly, the actions are faster available.
  • Setup to print sales line delivery date on sales order document (#7997, PSA-1436)
  • Correct Dimension of Job Ledger Entries (#8008, PSA-1447)
    New function in job ledger entries to correct dimensions for one or more job ledger entries (same function like in G/L entries).
  • Set "Bill-to Code" between Name and Name 2 on Job Card (#8009, PSA-1476)
  • Invoice suggestion: Request to prepare sales order for invoicing only if there are unposted invoice leger entries existing (#8028, PSA-1448)
    If a sales order has to be prepared for invoicing by the "invoice suggestion" function "create invoice" there is a request to the user how to handle existing invoice ledger entries of the sales order.
    This request will only appear if there is at least 1 sales order with existing invoice ledger entries to make the selection for this sales orders. All sales orders without existing invoice ledger entries will be prepared by the option 1, this option is not only for deleting existing invoice ledger entries but for preparing all the sales lines in the field "Qty. to ship" with 0, and update only the sales lines which has to be invoiced with the correct "Qty. to ship".
  • Manual invoicing quantity in time tracking for "time and material" (#8029, PSA-1450)
    Changing the invoicing Qty. in time tracking (CTC or job time journal) can be switched on by setting in jobs setup.
    Another new setting field in jobs setup forces the user to mark a flag on job journal line if Invoicing Quantity is different to the Quantity.
  • Make WBS procedures external available (#8043, PSA-1496)
    Technical Development Improvement
  • Add event "KVSPSAOnAfterRecalcPSPByPSPCalcMapping" in codeunit "PSPCalcMappingMgt" (#8090, PSA-1507)
  • Implement action for "Show Computation Log" in (Posted)JobEvaluationTempSubform (#8112, PSA-648)
    An existing computation log can be opened by clicking on the new action "Computation Log" in (Posted)JobEvaluationTempSubform. Bevore it was only possible to see the computation log by clicking into the cell of the calculated value.

23.2.504.0 - 2023-12-12#


  • create Requisition worksheet to create purchase order - job budget line extended text causes error (#7634, PSA-1300)
    Creating a requisition line by the function "create purchase document" for an item budget line which has some extended texts causes a failure if the requistion line is transfered into a purchase line.
  • It is not possible to create a job (project) by sales quote only with a contact (no customer available) (#7667, PSA-1318)
    Function to create a project by a sales quote which is not connected to a customer but only to a contact fails.
  • Expand Assembly item in job budget line: some fields are not filled in the new job budget lines (#7669, PSA-1314)
    Expanding an assembly item in job budget line by the function: Some fields are not filled in the new job budget lines.
  • Quantity in "sales price list" for "resource prices" is ignored in job budget line (#7678, PSA-1325)
  • Item Availability pages - sales lines with job no. handling (#7713, PSA-1340)
    Item sales order lines with job no. are not posted from inventory by posting the sales shipment (this has to be done by job shipment). The quantity in these sales order lines are not relevant for material disposition. So they have to be filtered out from the "Item Availability pages"
  • Report "Item Requirements" shows no data (#7740, PSA-1339)
  • Dimensions as columns for table "HR Cockpit" - dimensions are not inserted into target company (#7753, PSA-1349)
    Technical improvement for configuration packages
  • Job posting on payment tolerance / discount - Multiple apply causes wrong amounts in job ledger (#7754, PSA-1326)
  • Error in report KVSPSAPosted Job - Shipment (5026248) (#7769, PSA-1360)
    The printing of the "job shipment" and the "posted job shipment" was not possible, because of an technical error.
  • Reservation entry is not automatically cancelled if the "No usage posting" flag is set in the job shipment (#7783, PSA-1366)
    For job shipment lines with "no usage posting" the item tracking reservation entries are automatically cancelled with the posting of the job shipment line, because with that flag there is no item posting. In other case if the item tracking is not cancelled automatically the serial no or lot number will be reserved for a no more existing job shipment line.
  • Delete job reference in item ledger for not invoiced purchase receipt causes error in purchase invoice posting (#7808, PSA-1376)
    Purchase order line to a job (project) with an item, posting the receipt but not the invoice, the item ledger entry is "reserved" to the job (project) by the job reference fields. If the item is not needed anymore to the job (project) it is not possible to use the function "delete job reference" because the item ledger belongs to a not invoiced receipt. The error message was very confusing, we have changed this in a more readable way.
  • Reopen invoice suggestion with missing sales order line causes error (#7809, PSA-1375)
    By opening an invoice suggestion, we check now the referenced sales order lines in the invoice suggestion lines. If the sales order line is not existing any more the reference is deleted with a comment in the field "note text"
  • Job financial report - job filter is not working if the page KVSPSAJobAccScheduleOverview (5025860) is started by Drilldown in page KVSPSAJobFinancialReports (5026049, List) (#7810, PSA-1373)
  • Check Dimension Integration in Jobs Setup is not correct (#7826, PSA-1363)
    The test on the dimension codes for dimension integration in jobs setup avoids the multiple using of the same dimension in the fields "Dimension integration(jobs)", "Dimension integration (Main Job)" and "Job Type Dimension Code". This test was not implemented correct.
  • Delete wbs-line in sum-wbs causes a wrong error message - change the error message (#7827, PSA-1368)
  • Manual sales price in wbs-line is not protected if starting date is changed (#7855, PSA-1395)
  • Invoice suggestion - Create direct invoices for 1 project but for different customers creates only 1 invoice if the biling type is "time & materials" (#7857, PSA-1391)
    This case can only be happen, if there is a different customer on one or more wbs-lines to the customer on the job (project) card.


  • DrillDown in Stock Liability (#7522, PSA-39)
    Stock Liability on Job Card, wbs-line and job budget line has been changed as a flow field to the value entry table and it is possible now to have a drilldown into the value entries to see the history of the stock liability. This history entries can be used to calculate the job stock liability with a date filter, for example to calculate the "end of the year job liability". 
  • project365 fields in page Posted Sales Inv. - Update (1355, Card) to enable the users to update some fields in posted sales invoice (#7627, PSA-1276)
    In the "posted sales invoice" page the function "update document" contains now the "job billing" fields which are the fields to controll the printout of the invoice attachment. With this it is possible to change the setting in the posted document.
  • Job description in wbs-page (KVSPSAJobPSPHeader (5026270, Document)) (#7628, PSA-1287)
    For more information about the current job (project) in the wbs.
  • Missing NEW button in job account setup page (#7629, PSA-1291)
    Job account setup page is now a list page, because in list pages the “new” button is available.
  • IC -Transfer: Sales Invoice of items "on Cost" - no transfer of the invoice ledger entries (#7630, PSA-1299)
    Intercompany Transfer of a sales invoice: The invoice ledger entries of item sales invoice lines with invoicing type "on cost" are not transfered into the intercompany purchase invoice line. Invoice ledger entries are only transfered for resource lines to have them in the job distribution, for a detailed job posting by the purchase invoice.
  • Add event in codeunit KVSPSAAdvancePaymentPlanMgt: KVSPSAOnAfterDialogCloseInCreateInvoiceFromJobPaymentPlanningEntry (#7663, PSA-1316)
    Technical improvement
  • Unique job team role (#7666, PSA-1275)
    It is possible to define "unique" job team roles, new flag (field) in the table "project team role" . This job team roles can be defined only once in a job (project). If a unique role has to change to some one else it is necessary to delete the role from the old member first and give it to the new member. Only unique roles can be defined to be shown on the job card.
  • Technical changings: Use Parameter table in createPurchaseDocFromPSP (#7690, PSA-1312)
    Technical improvements
  • create wbs-line by sales document line (which has been created by job template) - new setup to transfer job budget lines by job template (#7693, PSA-1298)
    now it is possible to do the same as creating a wbs by job template: to create job budget lines which are defined in the job template.
    There is a flag in the job template, to tell the function "create wbs by sales document lines" to create the job budget lines from job template wbs line. The process is to create the sales line by the function by the job template. the wbs line is transfered into the sales document (and not the job budget lines). Creating the wbs line by the sales document line the job budget lines are created like they are defined in the job template.
  • function "create purchase document": the 2 address flags have to be editable = FALSE if the document type is requisition worksheet (#7694, PSA-1301)
    In the wbs-function "create purchase document" the the 2 adress flags have to be editable FALSE if the target is not a purchase document but a requisition worksheet.
  • field "descripton 2" is double in the page "Purch. Invoice Subform" (#7705, PSA-1331)
  • Set "Auto Activity Code" field in wbs-lines to editable = FALSE (#7706, PSA-1277)
    The task code (phase, task or step) which is set to auto-Activity-code in the jobs setup is not editble anymore in the wbs pages, because this code is filled automatically by creating a new wbs-line and should not be changed manually.
  • set field "Qty. on job order" on item card to visible FALSE (#7710, PSA-1335)
    Item sales order lines with job no. are not posted from inventory by posting the sales shipment (this has to be done by job shipment). The quantity in these sales order lines are not relevant for material disposition. So they have to be filtered out from the "Quantity in Sales Order". There is a new field on item card: "Qty. on sales order without Job No."
  • "Qty. on sales order" on item table: only sales line without job no. (#7711, PSA-1336)
    Item sales order lines with job no. are not posted from inventory by posting the sales shipment (this has to be done by job shipment). The quantity in these sales order lines are not relevant for material disposition. So they have to be filtered out from the "Quantity in Sales Order". There is a new field on item card: "Qty. on sales order without Job No."
  • Report Inventory Availability (705) - Handling of job Quantity (#7712, PSA-1337)
    Quantity in job budget lines are missing.
    Quantity of sales order lines with job no. have to be filtered out.
  • Report Inventory Availability Plan (707) - Handling of job Quantity (#7714, PSA-1338)
    Quantity in job budget lines are missing.
    Quantity of sales order lines with job no. have to be filtered out.
  • no negative quantity in CTC Time tracking lines (#7741, PSA-1350)
    It is not possible anymore to enter a negative quantity into a CTC time tracking line.
  • Check Invoicing Quantity on sales line if job invoice ledger entries are existing to the sales line - test by posting (#7749, PSA-1313)
    Posting a sales line with invoicing type "time & materials in a sales Order or sales invoice: Check if the invoicing quantity sum in the invoice ledger entries is the same as the quantity to be invoiced in the sales line. This check is only be done if the setting field "Qty. to Invoice vs. Invoice entry check" in "Jobs setup" is set to TRUE.
  • Job selection in fixed assests has to be possible for jobs in status quote if "job posting in quote status" is set in "jobs setup" (#7750, PSA-1311)
    With this changing it is possible to post fixed asset posting on job (project) in status quote (if the posting to jobs in status quote is set in the jobs setup).
  • Copy purchase document function - if flag "copy job reference" is not possible to set it should be enabled to be clear for the user (#7784, PSA-769)
    For a better user experience the field "copy job reference" is not enabled in the the function "copy purchase document", if this field is not possible to change. The enable status is depending of the selected copy options like "recalculate lines"
  • Release and post "CTC Time Tracking" in one step (#7817, PSA-1377)
    It is not necessary any more to release the CTC card bevore posting. This is done in one step by the posting function. The other process will work too, to release (for testing the data) and post after the release.
  • Invoice suggestion - Invoicing direct invoices for 1 project but for different customers should be possible in one step (#7818, PSA-1374)
    Preparing the invoice suggestion for 1 job (project), if there is a different customer in one or more wbs-lines (other customer then the one in the job card) the invoicing has to be splitted in more then 1 step (each customer in a different step). Now we have changed this, so the invoice can be created in one step for all customers to this job (project).
  • Transfer activity codes from job template lines into sales line (#7858, PSA-1396)
    Function "create sales line by job template": Transfer the fields "Phase code", "Step Code" and "Task Code" from job template line into sales lines.
  • Add Work Package Description in Purchase Line (#7868, PSA-1400)

23.1.324.0 - 2023-11-14#


  • New price list function: G/L Account sales-price by cost-factor is not working in job budget line (#7357, PSA-1214)
    If a "cost factor" was given in job sales price lists (new price list function) this factor was not used correctly in job budget lines. 
  • Fix initialize Workflows (#7418, PSA-1230)
  • selective wbs-line copy changes the auto-activity code even if the copy is inside the same job - this causes the lost of the references (#7428, PSA-1180)

    The full or partitial copy of WBS-Lines from a pre-version into a new version of the same job (project) meens to go on with the copied work package lines (WBS-Lines) in the new WBS-version. For this it is mandatory to keep the references of each copied WBS-lines into all the ledger entries and document lines. The 4 reference fields (Work package code, Phase Code, Steph Code, Task Code) have to keep their values, in other case the reference will go lost.

  • Ending Extended Text is transfered as beginning text into job shipment line text (#7455, PSA-1226)

    Because of this bug a beginning text (which has to be printed above the document line) (for example an item extended text) is printed after (under) the job shipment line.

  • Resource Filter is not working in report "Activity Confirmation" (#7458, PSA-1240)

  • Fixed job price in job budget line has to be set only if it is a sales price to the entire job (project) (#7477, PSA-1249)

    The field "fixed job price" on the table "job budget line" have been marked any time if a sales price has been found by the new price list function. But, this field must only set to YES if the sales price is a sales price for the entire job (project).

  • Disable searching for job accounts when "No Job Accounts" in "Jobs Setup" and "project365 Job Controlling" in "KUMAVISION Module Setup" is set to "No" (#7481, PSA-1251)

  • Function "create resource capacity" started from HR-Cockpit is ignoring the work hour template of the resource (#7493, PSA-1253)
  • Page KVSPSACompare PSP / actual (5026277) can not be opened because of a flow field Error (#7588, PSA-1271)
  • "WBS Status" and "Work Status" should not be changed in process "Create Job and PSP From Sales Document" (PSA base) by Real Estate (#7593, PSA-1280)
  • Adjust VAR in Reversal Entry CU (#7599, PSA-1283)


  • job time posting with contact no. for sales jobs (projects) - new flag on job card (#7233, PSA-1151)
    A job (project) can be marked as a marketing job (project). All time postings to this job have to be done with a selection of a company contact. The contact no. is posted into time ledger and into job ledger entries. With this information it is possible to filter the marketing time costing for one contact in the pre sales phase.
  • Validate "Job No." in Sales Header: Transfer "your reference" and "Ext. Doc No." from Job into sales header only if they are not BLANK in the Job table (#7362, PSA-1169)
  • Event Requests regarding "Job Purchase Incl. Inventory" in "Jobs Setup" (add possibility to differ between jobs) (#7364, PSA-1221)

    technical development

  • Dimensions as columns for table "HR Cockpit" (#7368, PSA-1204)
    In configuration packages it was not possible to select the flag "dimensions as columns" for the table "HR Cockpit", but this is important to migrate HR Data by HR Cockpit.

  • Sales Order Type has to be implemented into price calculation method "job price priority" (#7369, PSA-1178)

    With the new price list function the "price calculation method" "job price priority" is used in project365. In "sales price lists" (not in "job sales price lists") a "sales order type" can be used to define sales prices connected to a "sales order type". This was ignored by the "job price priority" method.

  • Dimensions in time sheet (#7415, PSA-1229)
    In time sheet there was no dimension handling, the manual dimensions are ignored, the dimensions are created by posting the job time ledger.
    Now there is a dimension handling in the time sheets and the manual created/changed dimensions are transfered into the job time ledger.

  • Copy wbs function: Start and Enddate fields in the wbs-line-selection (#7427, PSA-1172)

    In the page to select wbs-lines to copy them from one wbs (version) to another wbs (version) the fields "Startdate" and "Enddate" are now available.

  • Job (project) IC-Transfer - new flag to set customer address as shipment address in the target company (#7429, PSA-1186)

    New function in the process "Transfer job (project) into IC-Partner". With the new field "IC Partner ship-to Customer Adress" on the job card it is possible to use the customer adress of the job (project) as Ship-to Adress in the target job (project). The field "IC Partner ship-to Customer Adress" can be predefined in the "Job Template".

  • rename the function to create a milestone plan for the complete job (project) (#7439, PSA-814)

  • "Inventory take" in planning worksheet: change the function name to "Job Inventory take" (#7440, PSA-849)
  • New function on page HR-Cockpit List (5026205, List) to delete selected data (#7441, PSA-946)

    The data on the HR-Cockpit can be deleted only for one single data (employee) on the HR-Cockpit card. Now there is the delete button on the HR-Cockpit-List available including the deletion for selected datas (multi employees). Note: the deletion of a HR-Cockpit data is only deleting the HR-Cockpit data and not the representing employee, resource and so on. If the data of an existing employee has to be updated a new HR-Cockpit data to the employee has to be created, in this case all the datas of the repesented employee and the conected tables (resource and so on) are collected into the new HR-Cockpit data. If the HR-Cockpit data is not deleted, there is a function to update the datas from the represendted employee and the connected tables, so it is not necessary to delete the HR-Cockpit data.

  • Filter IC-Partner to transfer job into other company by the IC-Partners which are defined in the WBS-Lines (#7442, PSA-962)

    It is necessary to select the target Intercompany-Partner if a job (project) has to be transfered by the function "copy job to IC-Partner". The selection of the available IC-Partners has been modified: Only IC-Partners which are used as target in the wbs-lines are now available to be selected. This reduction the the relevant IC-Partners is very usefull if there are a lot of IC-Partners existing.

  • Function "create sales line by job template" - use job budget line level in job template too (#7443, PSA-1126)

    Using the function "create sales line by job template" it is now possible to create sales lines based on "job budget line template". If the field "Transfer in sales Doc" is set to "budget line" the "job budget line template" is transfered into the sales document, covered into a "begin-end-total-Block" representing the wbs-line-level. This is the same as the wbs-function "create sales document" does.

  • Possibility to delete Todos in KVSPSABudget Line To-Do Card (5026070) (#7446, PSA-1149)

  • WBS-Milestone Line - Type Work Package - Invoicing Type has to be Fixed Price (#7497, PSA-1016)
    If a wbs-line of type "work package" is marked as a milestone the "invoicing type" is set automatically to "fixed price" and this can't be changed. If a wbs-line of type BLANK is marked as milestone the "invoicing type" is set automatically to BLANK and this can't be changed. 
  • Start time and end time for break in CTC lines (#7498, PSA-1209)
    In CTC time tracking it is now possible to track the start and end time of the break. Start and End time of the break is calculating the break time. Start and end time are reported into the time ledger entries.
  • Show job no. by item-track selection in job journal and job shipment line (#7526, PSA-1207)
  • new filter on activity codes in wbs-function "create sales doc" (#7561, PSA-1213)
    It is now possible to filter the wbs-lines in the function "create sales doc" by the fields "phase code", "task code" and "step code".
  • Test target Work package for items (and for resource) budget lines in function "create wbs by sales line" (#7562, PSA-1216)
    In the work package table it is possible to define which type of job budget lines can be created to the work package (item, resource, G/L Account). This will be checked in the job budget lines. This check is now available in the function "create job and wbs by sales document" to have this check directly by the selection of the "target work package" for a sales line.
  • New function to open job card in function page to create job and wbs by sales document (#7563, PSA-1220)
    In the "sales fuction page" to "create a job and wbs" it is now possible to open the related job card.  
  • Contact roles for job contacts (#7579, PSA-1269)
    New table to define roles for job contacts. Each contact in the job contact table can be defined with a role in the new field "contact role" in the job contact table.
  • Create Invoice suggestion Batch by the HR Cockpit (#7580, PSA-1223)
  • job time posting with contact no. for sales jobs (projects) - some improvements (#7581, PSA-1236)
  • New setting for description update in purchase line by the wbs / budget line description (#7582, PSA-1239)
    New setting in the jobs setup how the transfer of the wbs-descripton (budget line description) into the purchase line should work (transfer with user confirmation in any case, transfer with user confirmation only if there is no individual text in the purchase line, no transfer in any case)
  • set field "work package code" in general journal pages to editable = FALSE, no copy by F8, only selection by lookup (#7583, PSA-1248)
    This is a secure function, becaue if the work package code is copied by F8 from the line above the wbs-line reference is not complete, because in the background there are some other fields necessary, and this fields are only set by the WBS-selection-function.
  • New event requested to populate a standard "Chargable" (#7615, PSA-1290)
  • Append check on missing bridge apps at opening "Module Setup" (#7620, PSA-1293)
  • Change job no in purchase header - purchase lines are not updated with new job no. (#7621, PSA-1294)
  • Remove OPplus dependency check in validation of field "KVSPSAJobPostingOnPmtDiscTol" (#7624, PSA-1297)
  • New event on KUMA PROJECT (#7640, PSA-1309) - 2023-10-31#


  • Disable searching for job accounts when "No Job Accounts" in "Jobs Setup" and "project365 Job Controlling" in "KUMAVISION Module Setup" is set to "No" (#7481, PSA-1251) - 2023-10-26#


  • General performance and stability improvements. - 2023-10-23#


  • General performance and stability improvements. - 2023-10-11#


  • Create budget lines from job template - Description from template + billable FALSE if wbs-line is on "no billing" (#7089, PSA-1058)

    Creating a wbs by a job template inkluding job budget lines: the individul description in the job budget template line has to be transfered into the target job budget line. If the wbs-line is set to "no billing" the budget line has to be set to billable=FALSE

  • sales invoice discount is used in job ledger entry only in the field "line amount" but not in "line amount (LCY)" (#7090, PSA-1067)

    Posting a sales invoice to a job (project) with an invoice discount, the fields “Line Amount (LCY)” and "Line Amount" in the job ledger entries are now reduced by the proportionately invoice discount.

  • Item sales price finding is working as best price finding if there is a CustomerPriceGrp Price and customer Price existing (#7102, PSA-1074)

  • Job Document Line - Problem with Item Tracking (Change Location code) (#7116, PSA-1098)

    Job Document line (job shipment line): the location code must not be changed if there are reservation entries existing.

  • Problem with Project teams - There is not enough memory available to execute the function (#7118, PSA-1099)

    Technical improvement

  • Resource "Indirect cost %" in job budget lines to calculate unit cost by changing the direct cost (#7153, PSA-1112)
    Changing a "direct unit cost" for a resource job budget line: The calculation of the new "unit cost" in the job budget line must use the "indirect cost %" of the resource. "Indirect Cost %" on the resource card = 10, new "direct unit cost" = 90,- --> new "unit cost" = 99,-

  • Job budget line function "splitt budget line": it must not be possible to select a blocked resource (#7166, PSA-1122)
    It is possible to select a blocked resource in the function to splitt a job budget line, in the moment if the function is creating the new splitt line the user gets an error message. The selection of the resource must be the same as in the job budget line.
  • Service packages (Resources) in sales line - validate the defined work type automatically (#7182, PSA-1113)

    insert a service package resource into a sales line: the work type code of the service package resource have to be validated into the sales line to have the correct unit code and the correct sales price in the sales line.

  • Sales price calculation in sales lines has to be triggered with field quantity even there is no job no given (#7192, PSA-1138)

    This is only for the new price list function.

  • Problem with the transcoding of the old price lists with the new ones in BC23 (#7198, PSA-1137)

    This is only for the migration of the old price tables into the new price list function.

  • Create Transfer Order - some init and message issues (#7234, PSA-1108)

    Some init values and messages to the user by starting the "job budget line function" "create transfer order".

  • Create job or wbs by sales document: Problem with Approval by filling the job fields in the sales document (#7252, PSA-1174)

  • Select work package by clicking on field "Work Package" in "Job Time Journal" and "CTC Time Tracking" (#7315, PSA-1208)
  • Suppress BC Standard Job Task Dimension Update (#7331, PSA-1194)


  • Create job Budget line for item sales line by default work package on item card (#7103, PSA-1062)

    Function "create job and wbs by sales quote/order": New field on item card to define a default target work package. If a new item sales line is created, the default target work package is available in the function but can be changed by the user.

  • Check dimension setting fields in jobs setup to avoid the same dimension in more then one setting field (#7104, PSA-1064)
    In jobs setup the 3 dimension setup fields (Dimension Integration, Main Job Dimension, Job Type Dimension) must not have the same dimension.

  • add calculation fields in page KVSPSAJobBudgetForPSPView (5026057) in the same way as in page KVSPSA Job Budget (5026266) (#7105, PSA-1076)
  • General time recording resource (#7106, PSA-1077)
    Define a general resource in the jobs setup which can be used in job budget lines to make sure every user can post on this job budget lines without deleting the default filter. The default filter filters the job budget lines to the resource and the resource group of the user, this default filter is enlarged by the general time recording resource.
  • Create invoice suggestion - change caption for Invoice responsible filter (#7147, PSA-1111)
  • Some small extensions for the function "create wbs by sales lines" (#7167, PSA-1125)

    Define the default target work package not only on the item card but on the item category too.
In the function to create a job and wbs by a sales document: It is possible to open not only the standard wbs page but the wbs including budget lines too.
After transfer the sales lines into the wbs the position numbering is runnig automatically.
  • Add Tab "Job Billings" in Job Templates (#7215, PSA-1103)

    The fileds of the job card tab "Job billing" are now available in the job template, so they can be set with a default for new jobs. 

  • Transfer Break Time into job time ledger entry (#7217, PSA-760)
    Transfer the 2 Break Time fields from ZDE-Line / Job Time Journal into job time ledger entry.

  • Transfer existing fields into purchase in "Jobs Setup" (#7218, PSA-1026)

    Group the purchase setting fields in the page "jobs setup" in the new folder "purchase.

  • Integrate Maintenance Check in Workflows (#7229, PSA-1162)
    Integrate mandatory field check in the job-table with workflows.

  • 2 new fields in table Misc. Article (5213) (#7230, PSA-1150)

    2 new fields in the table "Employee Miscellaneous Articles" 
    • “Number purchased”, Integer, manual field
    • “Number in User”, Integer, FlowField, shows the number in use in the tabel Misc. Article Information (5214) 

  • Field "your reference" is 2 x in the page Sales Order (42, Document) (#7231, PSA-1148)

  • New flag in function "create purchase document" to use location address in purchase document (#7235, PSA-1134)

    New flag for the wbs-function "Create purchase document": With the new flag "Ship to location address" the purchase document will have the address of the location as the receiving address. For this it is necessary to splitt the purchase document by location code, only budget lines with the same location code can be transfered into the same purchase doucment.

  • new field "evaluation after closing invoice" in table G/L Integrationcode (#7237, PSA-647)

  • Redesign of the Sum Calculations in WBS - Performance optimization (#7247, PSA-705)
  • Show "Description 2" in "Job Card" and "Job List" (hidden as default) (#7248, PSA-1171)
  • create wbs by sales lines - transfer type=BLANK into wbs too (#7257, PSA-1173)
  • Add Job Type in Main Job Lines (#7266, PSA-1183)

    Field "job type" added into the main job line (editable=FALSE), shows the job type of the current job (project) in the main job line.

  • Event Requests for project BC23.0 (#7270, PSA-1170)
    Technical Improvement

  • Service packages (Resources) - create sales and purchase price list line - activate this lines automatically (#7272, PSA-1127)

    If the sales price or purchase price in a resource which is marked as a "service package" has been changed, a new price list line is created in the default sales / purchase price list. This new line was not checked automatically, and because of this, the new price was not active.

  • create wbs by sales lines - transfer manual created sales line of type=BLANK into wbs (only for wbs-line level) (#7279, PSA-1182)

  • Some improvements to the sales invoice request (#7289, PSA-1189)

    Rename the function into "Invoicing Request (Sales)"
Add sales quotes to the function
Status of the "invoicing request" in the unposted sales document
  • Information Stacks to Invoicing Requests in some role centers (#7313, PSA-1198)
  • manual invoicing type in sales line (#7314, PSA-1195)
    The new field "Requested Invoicing Type" is for sales lines which are not connected to a wbs-line. The manual invoicing type" will be used in the function to create new wbs/budget lines to define the target-invoicing type of the new wbs/budget lines. If there is no target invoicing type the default of the work package will be used in the new wbs/budget lines. The new field "manual invoicing type" can also be used in sales document to print the invoicing information, this has to be done in a customer individual per tenant extension.