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19.15.57118.0 - 2023-01-10#


  • After partial posting then production journal could not be opened in E+D production orders. (#4340, FCY-392)
  • Routing and production bom version not found if item has item versions. (#4356, FCY-399)
  • Length of routing version code corrected in table item version (#4359, FCY-396)
  • Work center no. was not printed in report "Prod.-Order Componentes and Routing". (#4436, FCY-413)
  • Copy document in E+D production order corrected for multiple production order lines. (#4546, FCY-433)
  • Calulation condition material costs was incorrect calculated in calculation details. (#4552, FCY-436)
  • Field "type of part provided" of item not transfered to production bom line (#4595, FCY-445)
  • Different corrections in report "production order components and routing"
    • job cards not printed in multilevel production orders (#4605, FCY-453)
    • date expression was incorrect (#4615, FCY-450)
  • Unit cost in planning components are incorrect (#4679, FCY-467)
  • Filter of production order components in multilevel production orders correctet in E+D production orders (#4739, FCY-473)
  • After changes in sales documents wrong Vat-Id was transfered to masterdata (#4541, FCY-430)
  • Line discount % was not editable if sales document exists (#4619, FCY-457)

19.13.49626.0 - 2022-11-15#


  • Missing filter for project if sales quote or order created by project planning line (#4082, FCY-322)
  • Error message after accept action message in planning worksheet (#4112, FCY-335)
  • Subcontracting prices not considered in planning worksheet (#4114, FCY-331)
  • License warning enlarged in planning warning if plant engineering not licensed (#4172, FCY-344)
  • After partial output prod order lines not updated or incorrect informations in E+D production order (#4172, FCY-344)
  • Component list of stored production order lines are incorrect displayed in E+D production orders (#4219, FCY-360)
  • Assignment of dimensions are incorrect in sales documents created by project planning lines (#4221, FCY-363)
  • Bin code in E+D production order lines are editable (#4225, FCY-366)
  • Posting error occurs if return order posted and extended prices are activated (#4249, FCY-371)


  • By editing copied project planing lines the confirmation "shipment date earlier planning date" occurs often (#4129, FCY-333)

Last update: January 10, 2023