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Advance Payment#

21.5.67288.0 - 2023-03-15#


  • Bug during subsequent applying advance payment invoice / several payments (#5488, AZ-66)
    If a payment and advance payment invoice apply was reversed and applied with a new advance payment invoice, too many posting were made.

21.5.66374.0 - 2023-03-09#


  • Correction of copy function projects (#5348, AZ-53) When copying the project, the Advance Chain was deleted in the original project, this is now prevented.
  • Error Renaming a job (#5382, AZ-55)
    Issue was solved.
  • Error message - Posting the delivery from the sales order (#5441, AZ-52)
    Advance Chains are only checked for invoice.
  • Correction Attachment Default Dimensions for Security Deposits (#5457, AZ-65)
    It is now possible to store default dimensions for table SecurityDeposit.

21.3.57805.0 - 2023-01-13#


  • Deletion of Advance Planning Entries leads to deletion of unrelated Advance Invoice Lines (#4858, AZ-42)
    When deleting an Advance Planning Line BC tries to automatically delete any unposted invoice lines related to this Advance Planning Line. In some cases BC identifies the wrong invoices and hence tries to falsely delete them.


  • Transfer Deposit to Advance invoice based on amount (#4865, AZ-43)
    When specifying deposits for advance planning lines you can either specify a percentage or a fixed amount. Previously BC always referred to the percentage when creating the Advance Invoice. This could result in unexpected amount differences when the Advance Invoice amount differed from the planned amount, e.g. due to cumulated invoice planning.
    Now BC will save whether the percentage or the amount has been specified for a deposit and will transfer the deposit accordingly to the invoice.

21.2.55009.0 - 2022-12-20#


  • Error on applying Payment with Job-related Advance Invoice, unrealized VAT and regular Receivables/Payables Account (#4622, AZ-38)
    When using the same Receivables/Payables Account for Advance Documents and regular Documents and posting a job-related Advance Invoice with unrealized VAT, then application with a payment fails due to the error message: "Posting Date must have a value in Advance Job Ledger Entry".

21.2.53024.0 - 2022-12-07#


  • General performance and stability improvements.

21.1.49930.0 - 2022-11-16#


  • Management of Deposits (#3482, AZ-21)
    It is now possible to specify deposits for advance invoices and closing invoices. When invoices are created, negative lines for the deposits amounts are listed in the respective invoice, so that the deposit amounts are deducted from the invoice amounts.

    When invoices containing deposit amounts are posted, an additional invoice document with the respective retention amount is posted for each deposit amount.
  • Cumulative Advance Planning (#4096, AZ-32)
    With new settings in the Sales&Receivables/Purchase&Payables Setup it is now possible to enable cumulated Advance Planning. This provides additional columns in the Advance Planning Chart to specify the invoice amounts cumulated (total balance incl. previous Advance Invoices)
  • Compare Advance Plan Amount with posted Invoice (#4097, AZ-33)
    A new setting in the Sales&Receivables/Purchase&Payables Setup allows to specify whether Advance Invoices should be compared to the original Advance Planning Entry when posting the invoice. If desired the Advance Planning Entry can be automatically updated to match the posted invoice.


  • Custom-specific Invoice Adresses are not transferred to Advance Docs (#4305, AZ-34)
    A sales order/purchase order is given a custom-specific invoice address. Now an advance payment plan is specified at the order/purchase order and advance invoices are generated.

    The user-defined invoice address data was incorrectly not taken over to the advance invoice.
  • No creation of Order Flow Entries for Advance Documents (#4307, AZ-27)
    Advance Invoices / Credit Memos will no longer create Order Flow Entries.

Last update: March 15, 2023