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22.1.77374.0 - 2023-05-16#


  • Report Dispatch Handling Layout + Address Format (#5093, MEDT-469)
    Fix Layout and address format in dispatch handling report.
  • Show Notification to Authorities in Archived Complaint (#5673, MEDT-649)
    Fields for Authority Notification in archived calls have been added. Authority notifications will be copied to new document when changing call classification.
  • Header text with type purchase are not transferred from special sales order to purchase order (#5760, MEDT-657)
    Pre- and post texts are now transferred when a purchase is created from a special order if the value of the field "Purchase Order Print" is "true".

22.0.73709.0 - 2023-04-21#


  • General performance and stability improvements.

22.0.72563.0 - 2023-04-14#


  • Report to print archived claim (#3844, MEDT-147)
    New report to print archived claim.
  • Preset setup time in production Journal (#5018, MEDT-523)
    If you set the Field "Preset Setup Time" TRUE in Kuma medtec365 Setup then the remaining Setup Time will be set to the Output Journal Line. You can change if you want.
  • Pricing service contracts (#5124, MEDT-539)
    It is possible to link a “Sales Order Type” for pricing reasons to a “Service Order Type”.
    For the use in service contracts, it is recommended to create for items discount and/or price lists with the bill of materials for devices, which are resulting in service items. I.e. the item ART000256 consist of the two items 10011 and 1001-SN. These two items are for free in the service orders which are created by service contracts.
    In the service contract page special customer pricing and discount groups can be defined.
    If a service order is created, in the service line the customer pricing and discount groups are taken from the service contract and also the sales order type from its service type.
    If there is a 100% discount, the field null position is automatically set to “Free”.
  • Barcode Font has invalid field type code instead of text (#5646, MEDT-638)
    Barcode Font has invalid field type code instead of text
  • Service Orders and Quotes Archives (#5666, MEDT-400)
    Service Orders and Service Quotes can now be archived.


  • Rendering Error Report Load Carrier Label (#5655, MEDT-646)
    Fix Rendering Error in Report "Load Carrier Label".

Last update: May 16, 2023