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KUMAVISION project Real Estate#

21.3.57679.0 - 2023-01-12#


  • Add Advance Chain on Flat Card (#4570, PSA-452)
    For a faster and more comprehensive overview Flats connected with a Budget Line will now directly show the Budget Line's Advance Chain and Advance Plan when viewing the Flat itself. By this the current state of sales incl. all posted Advance Invoices as well as all received payments become visible at a glance.
  • Added "mandatory setup" for flats (#4638, PSA-475)
    This function can be used to set up the mandatory field check on flats. The function can be activated in the flat setup.
  • Allow Allocation in Jobs only with unlocked flats (#4642, PSA-481)
    It is possible to activate and execute the allocation in the jobs only if all flats assigned to the job are not blocked.
  • Shorten enum names longer than 30 characters (#4645, PSA-160)
  • Add Flat No. as field in ledger entries (#4681, PSA-485)
    For more flexible and performance evaluations based on the flats, the flat number is incorporated into the ledger entries as a database field.


  • Set status in flat to sold from job budget line (#4571, PSA-462)
    When a customer is entered in the budget line, the status of the related flat was not set to status "sold".

Test Automation

  • Testautomation for blocked flats (#4667, PSA-483)
  • Add testautomation for new field in ledger entries (#4692, PSA-486)

21.2.53050.0 - 2022-12-07#


  • Transfer order to main order (#4199, PSA-391)
    A new Action will be added to Purchase Orders to transfer all lines of a specific Purchase Order into another Purchase Order and delete the original Purchase Order.
    By this it is possible to first create a separate Purchase Order for additions after an original main order has been created and print the additional order for the vendor. After receiving the order confirmation the additonal order can then be transferred to the main order for invoicing purposes.
  • Exclusive usable area per Flat (#4407, PSA-441)
    This addition allows to specify the exclusively usable area per flat. Based on this the allocation keys to distribute costs can be set up.
  • Add comment factbox in flats (#4448, PSA-448)
    A FactBox has been added to the flats for the comments.
  • Add comments for guarantees (#4452, PSA-449)
    It is possible to maintain internal comments to guarantees with this enhancement.


  • Corrected Caption in Guarantees (#4453, PSA-443)

21.1.49979.0 - 2022-11-16#


  • Missing Job Account Entries (#4131, PSA-360)
    Real Estate Module
  • Job Account Entries wrong active marked (#4132, PSA-362)
    Real Estate Module
  • Show error on re-register app (#4160, PSA-368)
    Real Estate Module
  • Add Permission "KVSPSAREUAREDIT" in D365 BUS FULL ACCESS (#4165, PSA-370)
    Real Estate Module
    User Permission Improvement
  • Corrected fieldname „Certificate Roll Number“ (#4184, PSA-379)
    Real Estate Module


  • Set Create Setup functions in Testapp external (#4136, PSA-365)
  • Add Guarantee support for flats and purchase orders (#4166, PSA-371)
    Real Estate Module: It is now possible to add guarantees on flats and orders informatively.
  • Add function to open related records from guarantee (#4170, PSA-374)
    Real Estate Module: It is possible to open the linked records from the guarantee.
  • Add flats in contact statistic (#4193, PSA-383)
    Real Estate Module
  • Add guarantees in contact statistics (#4194, PSA-384)
    Real Estate Module
  • Add flats in customer card / list (#4196, PSA-386)
    Real Estate Module
  • Add notification for missing job queue setup for automatic customer address update (#4201, PSA-392)
    Real Estate Module
  • Remove obsolete fields (BC20.x) (#4265, PSA-406)
    Technical Obsolete Changings
  • Set function „CheckFlatAlreadyAssignedToJob“ external (#4298, PSA-421)

Last update: January 12, 2023