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22.1.79030.0 - 2023-05-26#


  • Make compatible with BC23 (#6162, KBA-959)
    Omitted entities in BC23 were removed (Source: Future Vaildierung).

22.1.76662.0 - 2023-05-12#


  • Issue on Cancel Quantity and Qty. Base (if Unit Of Measure is not Base Unit Of Measure) (#3405, KBA-294)
    It is now possible to cancel partial quantities of a delivery with a different unit of measure.

    Please note that the rounding precision of the item units must be maintained sensibly.
  • Value-dependent entries in the compliance table for purchase orders (#5695, KBA-404)
    The "Minimum Amount" field is now taken into account when searching for the compliance table entry.
  • Fill KVSKBAShippingAgentCode and KVSKBAShippingAgentService in Warehouse Shipment Lines (#5755, KBA-841)
    There was an issue if the "Warehouse Line" will be filled from a Source Document (Sales, Transfer Order, Service etc). This issue was solved.
  • VLOG Evaluate node "send_weightsingle" as XML (#5777, KBA-849)
    The node "send_weightsingle" is now evaluated as XML and converted to Decimal accordingly. In addition, the Handled Pattern in the ProcessPackageResponse function was corrected.
  • Transfer Fields in Warehouse Activity Line with BC22 (#5873, KBA-878)
    With Bussiness Central version 22, Microsoft has enabled new freatures in logistics.
    When entering a lot or serial number in a warehouse activity line(Pick, Put-Away), item tracking data is now also transferred to the corresponding line.
    This logic now also applies to the field extensions of KUMAVISION.
  • New Pricing - Close Prices without consideration invoice discount (#5934, KBA-623)
    The old records were not found if the "Allow Invoice Disc." was different. This field is now no longer filtered for in the search.
  • "Update cockpit" function (Released production orders) - Update field "KVSKBAExternalOrdersinPercent" does not update (#5970, KBA-875)
    The "Base Unit of Measure" was used for the calculation, but this is 0 for external work in the purchase documents.
  • The Whse. Document Source Fields are cleared when sending the Dispatch Order (#5985, KBA-895)
    When sending the dispatch order, the Whse. Document source fields were cleared, since Microsoft behaves differently in similar places and does not delete the data, we have removed the corresponding lines of code.

    The fields are thus transferred to the posted dispatch order and remain in the case of partial shipments also in the open dispatch orders.
  • Document Process ID when copying archived documents (#6003, KBA-889)
    When copying from archived documents, the logic for copying the document process ID was not supported.


  • Suggest Prices with Sales Conditions (#5020, KBA-625)
    The price worksheet can now be used to propose new prices based on the sales conditions.
  • Dispatch order - Action: "Get logistics documents" - items lot mandantory --> without lot information (#5366, KBA-570)
    When transferring open documents, the system now checks whether the item tracking has already been set. If this is not the case, a message appears.
  • Implement KUMAVISION base "Direct Transfer" Solution for Transfer Order (#5534, KBA-795)
    We implement our own "Direct Transfer" solution for tranfer order. In the Inventory Setup there ist a new setup for posting Direct Tranfer.
  • KUMAVISON Style Sheet --> Obsolete (#5677, KBA-827)
    This function is no longer available as of BC24.
  • Item attribute printing - unit translations (#5702, KBA-732)
    Translations for the unit of measure can now be stored at the item attributes. These are taken into account during printing.
  • Label Structure Item Reference Barcode (#5706, KBA-741)
    The "Source No." field in the Label Structure Line can now be used to specify which barcode is to be found in the Item Reference table (Field "Reference Type No.").
  • Requisition Worksheet should not combine all lines of a vendor in one order in case of multiple locations (#5735, KBA-688)
    The standard requisition worksheet combines all lines of a vendor in one purchase order, even if several are stock locations. This behavior can now be changed via a setting in the purchase setup. Then a single purchase order is generated for each location.
  • Enable calling of notification for existing blanket orders multiple times (#5739, KBA-749)
    The notification that Blanket Orders are present appeared only once per order (some Item) and now it is displayed per line.
  • Set the fields "Unit Cost (LCY)" and "Unit Cost" in the sales line to not editable. (#5800, KBA-854)
    Due to the active calculation of the profit, the fields in the sales line must not be changed.
  • Incorrect description for vendor in purchase order confirmation reminder (#5817, KBA-859)
    The caption for the vendor has been replaced.
  • Build in "Minimum Profit %" on Item Category Card" (#5834, KBA-866)
    The field "Minimum Profit %" was displayed on the page Item Category Card.
  • Enable call report Initialize Communication Allowance (#5848, KBA-870)
    The report could not be called, but it is used to initialize the KBA. The report was displayed on the module setup page.
  • Include campaigns in price information (#5877, KBA-880)
    In the price info, the campaigns were not taken into account in the price calculation.
  • Drilldown + lookup page to Order quote lines (#5930, KBA-876)
    A lookup page was created for table Order quote lines.
  • Get production orders at position (complaint from contact) (#5939, KBA-877)
    The caption of the action has been wrong. This has been corrected, so the function is available.
  • Dispatch Lines New Fields for Item Tracking (#5948, KBA-62)
    Within the Dispatch order, the standard fields "Warranty date" and "Expiration date" as well as the base (booster) fields "Production date" and "Ext. lot no." have been added and are now set when creating new lines from source documents. The data is now transferred through the entire dispatch shipping process.

    The fields are disabled by default and must first be activated via personalization.
  • Print Expiration Date/Production Date/Ext. Lot No. in Master Document (#5962, KBA-858)
    The values for "Expiration Date", "Production Date" and "External Lot No." are now transferred to the master document when printing an item tracking in the line or as a attachment.

    The printing of the information can be controlled via the company information, but by default the additional fields are not automatically displayed and must first be activated
  • Replace discontinued function in Transfer Header (#5978, KBA-903)
    Discontinued Dimension function in Transfer Header was changed to Dictionary.
  • Set "FindRecords" function of CU ManufacturingLib to global (#5996, KBA-910)
    The "FindRecords" function of the CU ManufacturingLib is provided for calling outside the app.
  • Enum KVSKBAOrdFlowEntrySource to Extensible = true (#6006, KBA-916)
    The KVSKBAOrdFlowEntrySource enum can now be extended.

22.0.71204.0 - 2023-04-06#


  • Differentiated control of the attribute print (#2895, KBA-11)
    For the attribute print, it is now possible to control for the individual document types whether an attribute is to be printed. Previously, only the global decision Print in sales and purchasing was possible.
  • Flowfields with Drill down added in Posted Dispatch Handling Order (#5478, KBA-778)
  • Order Flow Entries: deleted Function to Compress Entries (#5496, KBA-781)
    The function to compress order flow entries leads to data constellations that are difficult or impossible to explain. Therefore the function is no longer supported.
  • New pricing: Scaled prices also on variants possibly (#5568, KBA-694)
    For the graduated prices, you can now decide whether they should apply to the individual variants or ignore the different variants.
  • Function blocked: Item Tracking fields on Item Journals (#5604, KBA-810)
    The function still needs to be tested and extended so that it can be enabled in the KBA.
  • Provide enum KVSKBATextPosition extensible (#5630, KBA-796)
    Enum KVSKBATextPosition is provided extensible and the function GetContNoByNoAndTableID is set to global.
  • Changes for for Intrastat --> Feature Microsoft Intrastat Core App, Block Feature (#5642, KBA-766)
    As there are overlaps with the changes in KUMAVISION base and the Microsoft Intrastat Core App, we will temporarily block this function.


  • Issues with Mandantory Field Check with Own and Third Party Apps (#5400, KBA-762)
    With the mandatory field check it was possible to override the block flag set from other extensions in the article/vendor and customer cards.
    With this release, the blocking of a record by a third-party app is handled separately and the block flag is no longer overwritten.
  • Service blocked by sale (#5480, KBA-777)
    If an item was blocked for sale, it was no longer possible to post also a service order. This issue was resovled.
  • Compliance - Changing the language is not possible (#5497, KBA-782)
    It was not possible to work through a compliance in a different language than the one used for creation.
    The compliance now works language-independent and also supports changing the language at runtime.
  • Dispatch Order: Value of Order not correctly refreshed after splitting lines (#5511, KBA-788)
    If the quantity in line the dispatch order was split and a new line created, the value of the goods is not recalculated for each line.
    The total value of the goods remains in the original line and was also transferred to the new line. This issue has been resolved.
  • Issue while counting up number of printed in documentes (#5518, KBA-791)
    When multiple records were selected and printed on a list page, the number of printed records was incremented for all records. This issue has been fixed, now only the number printed for the selected and printed records is incremented.
  • Dispatch Order: Use dimensions (length, width, height) load carrier from dispatch order line in V-LOG XML Interface (#5533, KBA-794)
    In the VLOG interface, the dimensions (length, width, height) were always taken from the load carriers data card.
    Now it is possible to transfer deviating dimensions, which were entered in the line, via the VLOG interface.
  • Dispatch Order Error in Function Assign to Package (#5554, KBA-799)
    It is no longer possible to pack a carrier into itself and thus destroy the packet structure
  • Dispach Order: Issue in function "Get Whse. Documents" (#5573, KBA-803)
    It was possible to select multiple orders in the selection page, but only the last selected line was added into the Dispatch Order. This Issue is now fixed and all marked Documents are now added.
  • New duplicate price line and additional new prices generate a transaction error when checking lines (#5605, KBA-811)
    When "Closing prices" there were combinations where a transaction error was thrown.

Last update: May 26, 2023