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KUMAVISION project Real Estate#

22.1.77364.0 - 2023-05-16#


  • Defect is not automatically canceled (#5602, PSA-629)

    In not cumulative pre-payment invoices a defect must only be inserted once into a pre-payment invoice. A defect which is used in a posted pre-payment invoice must not be inserted once more into a new pre-payment invoice.

  • Flat Change Entries not created correctly (#5807, PSA-751)

  • Default budget line type and no. in work package is not working any more (#5830, PSA-762)
  • System creates wrong Job Account Entries for Allocation Entries (#5913, PSA-775)

Test Automation

  • Redesign Testautomation Library (#5770, PSA-742)
  • Add Testautomations for Job Measurement (Flat Status Filter) (#5799, PSA-745)
  • Testautomatisierung Consider recent defects (#5969, PSA-780)


  • Improvements for rooms on flats (#5827, PSA-761)
    It is possible through this extension to maintain the associated rooms for an flat in the system.
  • Consider recent defects (#5968, PSA-628)

22.0.72492.0 - 2023-04-13#


  • "Reallocation active" on WBS-Header wrong (#4134, PSA-355)
    setting a new WBS-Version to active, deactivates automatically the former active version. By this the field "reallocation active" was unmarked by mistake in the former active version.
  • Real Estate - Wrong primary keys in defect type and status tables (#5591, PSA-692)
    This is a technical data correction in the tables "defect type" and "defect Status"


  • Changelog for reservation status in flats (#4182, PSA-376)
    For traceability and as a basis for jon evaluation, a change log is created for the status changes.
  • Add filter for flat status in job evaluation (#5520, PSA-543)
    With this enhancement, the value to be calculated in the job evaluation can now be narrowed down to the status of the underlying flats.
  • Show Job in Flat Card (#5522, PSA-356)
    The assigned job is now visible on the flat.

    If an object is assigned to several projects, the number is displayed now.
  • G/L account determination based on work package (#5668, PSA-677)
    An expense account can now be set for a work package. This account will then be transferred to the purchase line or general journal line when the work package is selected.
  • Add rooms on flats (#5725, PSA-137)
    It is possible through this extension to maintain the associated rooms for an flat in the system.

Test Automation

  • Testautomation for flat status changelog (#5563, PSA-689)
  • Three tests failing randomly: "608_AllocBudEJLEAdvJLEMoreWBSLineWithBudLineAndWithoutBud[...]" (#5586, PSA-691)

Last update: May 16, 2023