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KUMAVISION project Real Estate#

22.5.96483.0 - 2023-09-05#


  • Inversed Amounts and missing dimensions for defects (#7073, PSA-1082)
    The Amounts of Defects are transferred with the wrong sign to purchase invoices. Furthermore the dimensions on defect lines in purchase invoices are missing.

22.4.95572.0 - 2023-09-01#


  • Apportionment G/L Account in Purchase Order is overwritten by Work Package G/L Account (#6958, PSA-1035)
  • Co-Ownership Share must be to set til 10.000 (#7062, PSA-1075)


  • Add "Flat No.", "Flat Description" and "Job Flat No." in Advance Chain (#6974, PSA-1039)

    Creating an advance chain for a job budget line which is connected to a flat fills the new fields FlatNo, FlatDescription and JobFlatNo automatically.

  • Allocation across projects (#7041, PSA-300)
    Previously planned and actual costs could be allocated within a Job's WBS in order to associate each Flat with it's corresponding costs, thus enabling a very detailled profit calculation per Flat.
    With this addition planned and actual costs can be allocated from one Job to another Job, e.g. if a Job is used to prepare a plot of land and other jobs are used for the buildings constructed within this plot of land. The orignal job can now allocate it's costs to the further jobs to establish a complete overview of all related costs.

  • Add Descripton-Fields for more fields in Flat Card (#7058, PSA-1069)

22.4.92501.0 - 2023-08-11#


  • Job Shipment address as default flat address (#6669, PSA-854)
    Connecting a flat to a job (project) will update the flat address by the job shipment address if there is no address given in the flat.
  • Add Building Type and Buildingsubtype Description on Flat Card and Flat List (#6842, PSA-997)
  • Deduction No. in prepayment plan (#6887, PSA-909)
    Managing the pre-payments by Installment. The Decution No. can be defined in the prepayment template and in the prepayment plan. The Deduction No. is ready to use in invoice document (the changing of the invoice document is not included this has to be done by per tenant extension PTE)

22.3.87550.0 - 2023-07-14#


  • Connect or create flat starting in the job (project) (#6640, PSA-853)
    Create a new flat to a job (project) or connect an existing flat starting in the job (project).

22.2.85448.0 - 2023-07-03#


  • Allow budget values in budgetlines with flat-relation (#6352, PSA-870)
    Budget values can now be edited in flat budget lines, as long as they have not been selected for the allocation function.
  • "Assign Apportionments" in "Purchase Order" should open up as a lookup and be abortable (#6367, PSA-878)
  • Show flat count in customer statistic (#6424, PSA-896)
  • Allow changing the Sales Price for sold flats only for dedicated users (#6486, PSA-915)

    New field in user setup to allow user to change sales prices for sold flats.

22.2.81853.0 - 2023-06-14#


  • Fix wrong variable name (#6058, PSA-800)
  • Auto-assign G/L Account by Work Package incorrectly affects Defects (#6060, PSA-791)

    An automatic purchase line to a defect must not have the defined G/L account of the work package but the G/L account defined in the defect desposit in "Purchase & Payable setup".

  • Selection of Work Package Code in Purchase Order does not fill the G/L Account No. automatically (#6136, PSA-824)
    If a "usage G/L account" is defined for a work package this G/L account has to be inserted automatically into a purchase line after the selection of the wbs-line.

  • LookupPage and DrillDownPage in Defect Entries missing (#6148, PSA-826)
  • Redesign "Area" and "Area Type" (#6188, PSA-834)

    Rename the field “Area” into “Living Space”,  filed “Area Type” is discontinued.

  • Missing defect line in cumulative prepayment (#6209, PSA-840)

  • Wrong Description for Defect (#6218, PSA-844)
  • Defect Entry - changing of the Work package has to clear the to-do no. (#6255, PSA-848)


  • Added Planning Dates in job card (#4162, PSA-369)
    The "Duration" tab has been extended with planned values to see the deviations of the dates from the original planning.
  • Improvements for rooms on flats (#5827, PSA-761)
    It is possible through this extension to maintain the associated rooms for a flat in the system.
  • Add events in job measurement (#6057, PSA-799)
  • Added „External Defect No.“ in Defect Management (#6151, PSA-827)

    New field „External Defect No.“ in Defect Management

  • Add "Parcel No." in Property Acquisition (#6187, PSA-835)

    New field "Parcel No." 

  • Set field work package code in sales lines and purchase lines to editable = FALSE (#6232, PSA-802)
    To avoid problems with wbs-line references the field work package code in sales and purchase line pages has to be set to editable FALSE. The selection of the correct wbs-line must be by the function. This function is used automatically with the Lookup in the field work package code. With the editable FALSE it is no more possible to copy a work package code from the line above with F8.

  • Create credit memo by defect (#6248, PSA-640)
  • Marking the flat budget lines for mapping the allocation (#6280, PSA-463)
    Now it is possible to send a flat in more then only one WBS-line, to be able to post costs on the budget level (= flat). But only one of the WBS-Line is the line for the allocation. This will be marked by a new field "Line for realocation posting".
  • Show Budgetlines with "LineForReallocPosting" in flat calculation (#6299, PSA-858)
    It is now possible to send a flat to more then one wbs-line as a budget line, but only one wbs-line is the target for the allocation. In the flat calculation only the one budget line belonging to the allocation wbs-line is present.

22.1.77364.0 - 2023-05-16#


  • Defect is not automatically canceled (#5602, PSA-629)

    In not cumulative pre-payment invoices a defect must only be inserted once into a pre-payment invoice. A defect which is used in a posted pre-payment invoice must not be inserted once more into a new pre-payment invoice.

  • Flat Change Entries not created correctly (#5807, PSA-751)

  • Default budget line type and no. in work package is not working any more (#5830, PSA-762)
  • System creates wrong Job Account Entries for Allocation Entries (#5913, PSA-775)


  • Improvements for rooms on flats (#5827, PSA-761)
    It is possible through this extension to maintain the associated rooms for an flat in the system.
  • Consider recent defects (#5968, PSA-628)

22.0.72492.0 - 2023-04-13#


  • "Reallocation active" on WBS-Header wrong (#4134, PSA-355)
    setting a new WBS-Version to active, deactivates automatically the former active version. By this the field "reallocation active" was unmarked by mistake in the former active version.
  • Real Estate - Wrong primary keys in defect type and status tables (#5591, PSA-692)
    This is a technical data correction in the tables "defect type" and "defect Status"


  • Changelog for reservation status in flats (#4182, PSA-376)
    For traceability and as a basis for jon evaluation, a change log is created for the status changes.
  • Add filter for flat status in job evaluation (#5520, PSA-543)
    With this enhancement, the value to be calculated in the job evaluation can now be narrowed down to the status of the underlying flats.
  • Show Job in Flat Card (#5522, PSA-356)
    The assigned job is now visible on the flat.

    If an object is assigned to several projects, the number is displayed now.
  • G/L account determination based on work package (#5668, PSA-677)
    An expense account can now be set for a work package. This account will then be transferred to the purchase line or general journal line when the work package is selected.
  • Add rooms on flats (#5725, PSA-137)
    It is possible through this extension to maintain the associated rooms for an flat in the system.