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24.0.831.0 - 2024-04-15#


  • Fixed incorrect calculation of plan values (#7688, FCY-988)
  • Changed Caption on suggest price lines (#8273, FCY-1141)
  • Inventory Picks created by Delivery Schedules could not inserted into Dispatch Orders (#10683, FCY-1225)


  • Changed Captions from 'Job' to 'Project' (#8577, FCY-1187)
    BC-Standard renamed the Captions from 'Job' to 'Project'. To remain consistent, the Factory-Captions have been renamed too. And Labels, ToolTips, OptionCaptions, InstructionalText, AdditionalSearchTerms and Report-labels.
  • Multiple Customers in Projects (#8612, FCY-1193)
  • Location Code in Projects (#8635, FCY-1199)
  • Project should also be archived by salesorder (#10655, FCY-1194)
  • New assembly functionality on projects (#10659, FCY-1223)