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Name Type Note
ID Guid
Source Table Integer
Address Type Option OptionMembers: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
Source No. Code[20]
Checked at DateTime
Checked Boolean
Request Blob
Response Blob
Result Option OptionMembers: None,Ok,Undecided,Block
Source Table Caption Text[250] FlowField
Name Text[100]
Address Text[250]
Zip Code[20]
City Text[30]
Country Text[50]
EntityType Option OptionMembers: Customer,Vendor,Employee,Consumer,Recipient
Message 1 Text[250]
Message 2 Text[250]
Address Hits Integer
Hit Type Text[30]
State Text[30]
Source System Id Guid
Source Sales Doc. Type Enum Sales Document Type
Source Purch. Doc. Type Enum Purchase Document Type
Source Service Doc. Type Enum Service Document Type
Source Service Contract Type Enum Service Contract Type
ResultBlob Blob


SetMessage(Text) :#

procedure SetMessage(MessagePar: Text): 

GetMessage() : Text#

procedure GetMessage(): Text

ShowFile(Boolean) :#

Summary: ShowFile is used in order to show the content of the Request or Response field of this entity.

procedure ShowFile(showRequest: Boolean): 


  • showRequest: Boolean parameter. If this parameter is activated, the request value is shown. Otherwise the reponse is shown.

FillFieldsFromSource(RecordRef) :#

procedure FillFieldsFromSource(SourcePar: RecordRef): 

FormatSourceDocumentType() : Text#

procedure FormatSourceDocumentType(): Text

FormatAddressType() : Text#

procedure FormatAddressType(): Text