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Name Type Note
Primary Key Code[10]
S-CHECK Endpoint Address Text[250]
S-CHECK Username Text[50]
S-CHECK Mandator Text[50]
S-CHECK Search Profile Name Text[50]
Duration of Validity Duration
Save Req. Resp. Data Boolean
Max Received Message Size BigInteger
Check on Releasing Sales Quote Boolean
Check on Releasing Sales Doc. Boolean
Check on Posting Sales Shpt. Boolean
Check Sell-to Address Boolean
Check Ship-to Address Boolean
Check Bill-to Address Boolean
Check on Releasing Purch.Quote Boolean
Check on Releasing Purch. Doc. Boolean
Check on Posting Purch. Rcpt. Boolean
Check Buy-from Address Boolean
Check Pay-to Address Boolean
Result None Bitmap Blob
Result OK Bitmap Blob
Result Undecided Bitmap Blob
Result Block Bitmap Blob