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Name Type Note
Primary Key Code[10]
Service URL Text[250]
Default Country Code[2]
Default Matchtype Enum (KVSCRSMatchType)
Default Language Enum (KVSCRSLanguages)
Default Language (secondary) Enum (KVSCRSLanguages)
Default DE Reason Code Enum (KVSCRSDEReasonCodes)
Modify Address Option OptionMembers: UserRequest,Always,Never
Default E-Mail-Offline Report Text[80]
Regular Update Interval DateFormula
Request Report with Job Queue Boolean
Job Queue Category Code Code[10]
Notify On Success Boolean
VRM Connection Client Secret Guid
VRM Connection AAD Application Guid
Use VRM Connection Option OptionMembers: Undecided,Yes,No
VRM Type Code Code[10]
VRM User ID Text[250]
VRM Password Key Guid
Vendor Rating Auth Type Enum (KVSCRSVRMConnectorAuthType)
Vendor Rating Password Key Guid Warning: Obsolete


GetServiceCountry() : Code[2]#

Summary: GetServiceCountry returns the default country code that has been setup in global setup.

procedure GetServiceCountry(): Code[2]

Returns: Return value of type Code[2].

GetDefaultMatchType() : Enum#

Summary: GetDefaultMatchType returns the default Matchtype for name matching that has been setup in global setup.

procedure GetDefaultMatchType(): Enum KVSCRSMatchType

Returns: Return value of type Enum KVSCRSMatchType.

SetURLsToDefault() :#

Summary: SetURLsToDefault can be used to change the Service, Support and Sign-up URLs to their default values.

procedure SetURLsToDefault(): 

RefreshCountries() :#

Summary: RefreshCountries is used to refresh the list of creditsafe countries and to compare the refreshed values with the internal Business Central countries.

procedure RefreshCountries(): 

IsSetupOK() : Boolean#

Summary: IsSetupOK specifies if the Service URL has been setup.

procedure IsSetupOK(): Boolean

Returns: Return value of type Boolean.

IsAPIConnection() : Boolean#

Summary: IsAPIConnection can be used in order to check whether the Creditsafe API or the Global Gateway Service is to be used. The decision depends on the Service URL that has been set up.

procedure IsAPIConnection(): Boolean

Returns: Return value of type Boolean specifies that the setup is configured for usage of the Creditsafe Connect API.