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KVSEDX Document Setup#


Name Type Note
EDX Partner No. Code[30]
EDX Document Code[30]
EDX Channel Enum (KVSEDX Channel)
EDX Starting Date Date
EDX Document Description Text[100]
Partner Type Enum (KVSEDX Partner Type)
Partner NAV No. Code[20]
FTP Enable SSL Boolean
File Type Enum (KVSEDX File Type Message)
Doc. Table No. Integer
Document Type Enum (KVSEDX Document Type)
Object ID Integer
Object ID Partner Integer
Object Type Enum (KVSEDX Object Type Process.Msg)
Disable create Transmission ID Boolean
Collect Documents Possible Boolean
Include PDF Possible Boolean
EDX Transmission Type Enum (KVSEDX Transmission Type)
EDX File Path Text[100]
EDX Partner Company Text[30]
Webservice Function Boolean
Webservice Function Name Text[50]
Processing Sequence Integer
Message Encoding Enum (KVSEDX Encoding)
Inbound prevent Upload Boolean
EDX Partner No. Company Code[30]
Release NAV Document Boolean
Show BC Document Enum (KVSEDX Show BC Document)
Automatic Processing Boolean
Azure Forwarding Type Text[30]
Azure Forwarding Identifier Text[30]
Azure Forwarding Destination Text[250]
Confirmation Boolean
Confirmation Check Boolean
Confirmation Reasons Enum (KVSEDX Confirmation Reason)
Waiting time for conf. (min.) Integer
Our Account No. Text[20]
Next List No. Code[10]
Automatically Archive Boolean
Use Item Reference Boolean
Use Unit of Measure Mapping Boolean
Test Indicator Boolean
Collect Documents Boolean
Ignore Zero-Invoice Boolean
Override Sell-To Data Boolean
Ignore Zero-Cr.Memo Boolean
Direct Purch. Invoice Boolean
Include PDF Boolean
FTP Server Code[100]
FTP User Text[50]
FTP Password Text[30]
FTP File Path Partner Text[100]
FTP PasswordId Guid
Run on Mondays Boolean
Run on Tuesdays Boolean
Run on Wednesdays Boolean
Run on Thursdays Boolean
Run on Fridays Boolean
Run on Saturdays Boolean
Run on Sundays Boolean
Starting Time Time
Ending Time Time
Earliest Start Date/Time DateTime
Last Start Date/Time DateTime
ANVEO Project Code Code[20]
ANVEO Format Code Code[20]
ANVEO Code Code[20]
Sender E-Mail Address Text[50] Warning: Obsolete
Sender Name Text[50] Warning: Obsolete
Receiver E-Mail Address Text[50]
E-Mail Subject Text[50]
E-Mail Body Blob
Post NAV Document Boolean
Use Posting Date Enum (KVSEDX Use Posting Date)
Post Drop Shipment only Boolean
Error E-Mail Address Text[200]



procedure SetHideMessage(HideMessagePar: Boolean)

Last update: July 21, 2023