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KVSGAEB Arch. Document Header#


Name Type Note
No. Code[20]
Document Type Enum (KVSGAEB Document Type)
Version No. Code[20]
Version Type Enum (KVSGAEB Version Type)
Placing No. Purch. Code[15]
DV No. Purch. Code[8]
Bidder No. Purch. Code[3]
Placing No. Cust. Code[15]
DV No. Cust. Code[8]
OZ Mask Code[9]
Regulation Year Code[2]
Lots Boolean
First Level Integer
Second Level Integer
Third Level Integer
Fourth Level Integer
Position Integer
Indexing Boolean
Description Text[60]
Offer Date Date
Offer Time Time
Acceptance Ending Date Date
Prices Boolean
Wage Change Boolean
Description Project Text[60]
Related Project No. Code[20]
Description Purchaser Text[60]
Description Bidder Text[60]
Amount Unit Price fraction Integer
Description Time fraction Text[14]
Description 1. UP fraction Text[20]
Description 2. UP fraction Text[20]
Description 3. UP fraction Text[20]
Description 4. UP fraction Text[20]
Cost Centre No. Code[9]
Description Locality Text[30]
Locality No Text[12]
Date Date
Work Section Code[3]
Currency Code Code[6]
Description Currency Text[50]
Sum Decimal
Amount Positions Integer
Surcharge/Discount in Currency Decimal
Turnover Tax (pct) Decimal
Offer Sum Decimal
Cashback (Pct) Decimal
Terms of Payment (days) Decimal
Lump Sum Decimal
Surcharge/Discount (pct) Decimal
Bidding Date Date
Status Enum (KVSGAEB Status)
related Quote Code[20]
Sell-to Customer No. Code[20]
Hide Hints Boolean
Transferred Boolean
related Order Code[20]
Manual Boolean
Shortcut Dimension 1 Code Code[20]
Shortcut Dimension 2 Code Code[20]
Shortcut Dimension 3 Code Code[20]
Shortcut Dimension 4 Code Code[20]
Shortcut Dimension 5 Code Code[20]
Shortcut Dimension 6 Code Code[20]
Shortcut Dimension 7 Code Code[20]
Shortcut Dimension 8 Code Code[20]
Dimension Set ID Integer
Orig. Bidding Code[20]
No. GAEB Quote Code[20]
No. GAEB Order Conf Code[20]
Locked By Code[50]
Version No. Int Integer
Job No Ext Text[50]
GAEB Version Set ID Integer
Bidding Cat. Text[50]
Fifth Level Integer
First Level Desc Text[50]
Second Level Desc Text[50]
Third Level Desc Text[50]
Fourth Level Desc Text[50]
Fifth Level Desc Text[50]
Indexing Length Integer
VAT Decimal
Archive Reason Enum (KVSGAEB Archive Reason)
Archive Reason Desc Text[50]
Quote No. Code[20]
Skip Price Check Boolean
Salesperson Code Code[20]
Active Journals Integer
Last Item No. Code[20]
Sell-to Customer Name Text[100]
Sell-to Customer Name 2 Text[50]
Import Date Date
Import Filename Text[250]
Customer View Boolean
Position Item Integer
Position Wage Integer
Offer to Bidding Code[20]
GAEB Calc BOM No. Code[20]
Document Date Date
VAT Bus. Posting Group Code[10]
Quote Valid Until Date Date
Related Quote No. Code[20]
Related Quote Doc. Type Enum (KVSGAEB Document Type)
Rel. Quote Version No. Code[20]
Surcharge Decimal
Surcharge (Pct) Decimal
Total Sum WO Altern Decimal
Buy-from Vendor No. Code[20]
Type of days Enum (KVSGAEB Type of Days)
Payment Date Date