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KVSGAEB Arch. Document Lines#


Name Type Note
No. Code[20]
Document Type Enum (KVSGAEB Document Type)
Version No. Code[20]
OZ Code[20]
Line No. Integer
Linetype2 Integer
Linetype Enum (KVSGAEB Position Linetype)
Position Type 1 Enum (KVSGAEB Main Positiontype)
Position Type 2 Enum (KVSGAEB Demand Positiontype)
Positiontype Enum (KVSGAEB Lead Positiontype)
Rel. Position No. Integer
Structured Unit Cost Boolean
Surcharge Boolean
Repetition Boolean
Free Quantity Boolean
Quantity Decimal
Unit of Measure Code[10]
Addition Code[3]
Text Suppl. Purch. Boolean
Text Suppl. Cust. Boolean
Textsystem Type Enum (KVSGAEB Textsystem Type)
STL-No. Code[17]
Position Status Enum (KVSGAEB Positionstatus)
Has Wage Change Boolean
Item No. Code[20]
Description Text[100]
Unit Price Decimal
Line Amount Decimal
Text Text[72] FlowField
Lot No. Code[2]
Lot Description Text[40]
Type of Bidding Group Enum (KVSGAEBBidding Group Type)
Assignment No. Integer
Watchword of Group Text[14]
Description of Bidding Group Text[40]
Estimated Unit Price Decimal
Estimated Total Decimal
Estimated Free Quantity Decimal
Estimated Surcharge (pct) Decimal
Estimated Total Sum Decimal
Surcharge/Discount Decimal
Surcharge (pct) Decimal
Total Sum Decimal
Cost Centre No. Text[9]
Description Locality Text[30]
Locality No Text[12]
Date Date
Short Description Text[55]
related Position No. Code[20]
Execution Description No. Integer
Time fraction Text[14]
1. Unit Price fraction Desc Text[14]
2. Unit Price fraction Desc Text[14]
3. Unit Price fraction Desc Text[14]
4. Unit Price fraction Desc Text[14]
Sum without Surch. and Taxes Decimal
Lump Sum Decimal
Surcharge/Discount in Currency Decimal
Turnover Tax (pct) Decimal
Offer Sum Decimal
Cashback (pct) Decimal
Terms of Payment (days) Decimal
Rel. Lot. Group Integer
Desc. Execution Desc. Text[55]
Group No. Integer
Fictive Wage Change Decimal
Wage Change Decimal
expenditures Decimal
Description of Wage Text[55]
Co-Payment Decimal
Wage of Change Refund Decimal
Lot Group No. Integer
Open Boolean
Surcharge Amount Decimal
Type Enum (KVSGAEB Position Type Internal)
Surcharge/Discount Amount Decimal
In Journal Integer
Surcharge 2 (pct) Decimal
1. Unit Price fraction Decimal
2. Unit Price fraction Decimal
3. Unit Price fraction Decimal
4. Unit Price fraction Decimal
Qty to surcharge Decimal
Level Integer
Unit Cost Decimal
Offered Boolean
Assembly Quote No. Code[20]
Prod. Order No. Code[20]
Org. UOM Description Text[4]
Variant Code Code[10]
Fixed Costs Decimal
Unit Cost (incl. Surch.) Decimal
Prod. Order Status Enum Production Order Status
Total Quantity Resources Decimal
Ress. Unit Cost (cumulated) Decimal
Average Wage Decimal
Unit Cost (incl. Surch. 2) Decimal
Fixed Costs incl. Surch. Decimal
Fixed Costs incl. Surch. 2 Decimal
Calculated Boolean
Ress. Unit Cost without Surch. Decimal
Ress. Unit Cost incl. Surch. Decimal
Incomplete Boolean
Transferred Boolean
Orig. Bidding Code[20]
Description 2 Text[50]
Locked By Code[50]
GAEB Calc BOM Line No. Integer
GAEB Calc BOM No. Code[20]
Line Amount (incl. Surcharge) Decimal
Ordered Boolean
Buy-from Vendor No. Code[20]
Lump Sum Item Boolean