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Name Type Note
Primary Key Code[10]
Import No. Series Code[20]
Export No. Series Code[20]
Use Unit Price Fraction Boolean
Default Surcharge Decimal
Default GAEB Format Enum (KVSGAEB GAEB Format)
Surcharge 2 (%) Base Enum (KVSGAEB Surcharge Base)
Default Surcharge 2 Decimal
Map Manufacturer Item No. Boolean
Reveal Surcharges Boolean
Change Prod. Order Status Boolean
Rel. Prod. Order Status Enum Production Order Status
Bidding Nos. Code[20]
GAEB Quote Nos. Code[20]
Order Conf. Nos. Code[20]
Arch. GAEB Quote Nos. Code[20]
Arch. Order Conf. Nos. Code[20]
Arch. Bidding Nos. Code[20]
Default Surcharge (Res.) Decimal
Default Surcharge 2 (Res.) Decimal
Style Position Text[30]
Style Hint Text[30]
Style Group Text[30]
Style Alternative Text[30]
Style Incomplete Text[30]
Transfer Longtext Boolean
Transfer to Sales Quote Enum (KVSGAEB Transfer Sales Type)
Default OZ Mask Code[9]
Archive Manual Desc Code[50]
Archive Finish Job Desc Code[50]
Archive Create Quote Desc Code[50]
Archive Restore Desc Code[50]
Archive Confirm Quote Desc Code[50]
Archive Confirm Expend. Desc Code[50]
Heading Line in Sales Quote Boolean
Automatic BOM List Calculation Boolean
Default Quantity Decimal
Automatic Position Numbering Boolean
Lock Level Enum (KVSGAEB Lock Level)
Style Locked Text[30]
Position Item Integer
Position Wage Integer
BOM Structure Enum (KVSGAEB Bom Structure)
GAEB BOM Nos. Code[20]
GAEB Calc. BOM Nos. Code[20]
Hours Workday Decimal
Incomplete Check Boolean
Style Best Offer Text[30]
KVSGAEB Price Sheet No. Code[20]
Default VAT Decimal


CreateNoSeriesLine(Record No. Series Line, Code[20], Code[20], Code[20]) :#

procedure CreateNoSeriesLine(var NoSeriesLine: Record "No. Series Line"; SeriesCode: Code[20]; StartingNo: Code[20]; EndingNo: Code[20]):