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KVSQME - Inspection Equipment#


Name Type Note
No. Code[20]
Description Text[100]
Measuring Range Code[20]
Reading Precision Decimal
Unit of Measure Code Code[10]
Search Description Code[100] Warning: Obsolete
Inspection Equipment Group No. Code[20]
Receipt Date Date
Next Date of Calibration Date
Status Enum (KVSQMEInspEquipmentStatus)
Creation Date Date
Creation User ID Code[50]
Last Date Modified Date
Last Modified User ID Code[50]
No. Series Code[20]
Comment Boolean FlowField
Nos. of Insp. Plan Lines Integer FlowField
Nos. of Open Insp. Order Lines Integer FlowField
Calibration Cycle DateFormula
Person Responsible Code[20]
Person Standby Code[20]
Work Center Group Code Code[10]
Calibration Instruction Text[100]
Calibration Location Option OptionMembers: ,Internal,External
Calibration Vendor No. Code[20]
Factory Number Text[100]
Serial Number Text[100]