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KVSQME - Inspection Order Line#


Name Type Note
Status Enum (KVSQMEInspOrderStatusType)
No. Code[20]
Line No. Integer
Position Code[10]
Inspection Attribute Code Code[20]
Description Text[100]
Inspection Equipment No. Code[20]
Insp. Equipment Description Text[100]
Insp. Equipment Status Option OptionMembers: ,Blocked,Under Inspection,Release,No Calibration
Specification Text[250]
Deleted 22 Option Warning: Obsolete
OptionMembers: 0
Deleted 23 Code[20] Warning: Obsolete
Inspection Note Text[250]
Skip-Item Number Integer
Acceptance Number Decimal
Sample Size Quantity Decimal
Attribute Boolean
Minimal Setpoint Decimal
Setpoint Decimal
Maximal Setpoint Decimal
Inspection Equipment Group No. Code[20]
Unit of Measure Code Code[10]
Blob Specification Blob
Qty. of Inspections Integer FlowField
Min. Actual Value Decimal FlowField
Avg. Actual Value Decimal FlowField
Max. Actual Value Decimal FlowField
Aberrant Qty. Integer FlowField
Inspection Result Enum (KVSQMEInspectionResultType)
Attached to Line No. Integer
Manual Tolerance Class Code[20]
Fit Text[10]