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KVSQME - Inspection Plan Line#


Name Type Note
Inspection Plan No. Code[20]
Line No. Integer
Attached to Line No. Integer
Position Code[10]
Inspection Attribut Code Code[20]
Description Text[100]
Inspection Equipment No. Code[20]
Insp. Equipment Description Text[100]
Specification Text[250]
Version Code Code[20]
Deleted 22 Option Warning: Obsolete
OptionMembers: 0
Deleted 23 Code[20] Warning: Obsolete
Inspection Note Text[250]
Skip-Item Number Integer
Sample Size in % Decimal
Attribute Boolean
Minimal Setpoint Decimal
Setpoint Decimal
Maximal Setpoint Decimal
Inspection Equipment Group No. Code[20]
Unit of Measure Code Code[10]
Blob Specification Blob
Sample Regulation Code Code[20]
Manual Tolerance Class Code[20]
Fit Text[10]


OnBeforeTestOnCertify(Record KVSQME - Inspection Plan Line, Boolean) :#

[IntegrationEvent(false, false)]
local procedure OnBeforeTestOnCertify(var KVSQMEInspectionPlanLine: Record "KVSQME - Inspection Plan Line"; var IsHandled: Boolean): 
[EventSubscriber(ObjectType::Table, Table::"KVSQME - Inspection Plan Line", 'OnBeforeTestOnCertify', '', false, false)]
local procedure DoSomethingOnBeforeTestOnCertify(var KVSQMEInspectionPlanLine: Record "KVSQME - Inspection Plan Line"; var IsHandled: Boolean)