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KVSQME - Insp. Item Tracking#


Name Type Note
Lfd. No. Integer
Item No. Code[20]
Creation Date Date
Document Qty. (Base) Decimal
Source Type Integer
Source Sub Type Enum (KVSQMEInspectionOrderType)
Source ID Code[20]
Serial No. Code[50]
Lot No. Code[50]
Warranty Date Date
Expiration Date Date
Package No. Code[50]
Inspection Quantity Decimal
Released Inspection Qty. Decimal
Blocked Inspection Qty. Decimal
Destroyed Item Qty. Decimal
Item Ledger Entry No. Integer
Closed Boolean
Whse. Document No. Code[20]
Whse. Document Type Option OptionMembers: ,Posted Whse. Receipt
Whse. Document Line No. Integer
Qty. to Handle Released (Base) Decimal
Qty. to Handle Blocked (Base) Decimal
Qty. to Handle Destroy. (Base) Decimal
Handled Qty. Released (Base) Decimal
Handled Qty. Blocked (Base) Decimal
Handled Qty. Destroyed (Base) Decimal