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KVSQME - Setup#


Name Type Note
Primary Key Code[10]
Inspection Order Nos. Code[20]
Posted Inspection Order Nos. Code[20]
Inspection Plan Nos. Code[20]
Inspection Equipment Nos. Code[20]
Inspection Method Group Nos. Code[20]
Inspection Order autom. print Boolean
Inspection Level Option OptionMembers: I,II,III,S-1,S-2,S-3,S-4
Not In Availablity Boolean Warning: Obsolete
Manual Quality Bin Posting Boolean Warning: Obsolete
Check with Blocked Insp.Equip. Option OptionMembers: Show warning and decide with Concession,Show error and replace Insp. Equipment
Check Digital Sign Boolean
Minor Failure Factor Decimal
Main Failure Factor Decimal
Critcal Failure Factor Decimal
Inspect. Mandatory On Release Boolean
Inspect. Mandatory On Failure Boolean
Sample Nos. Code[20]
Item Journal Template Name Code[10]
Enable Default Whse. Posting Boolean Warning: Obsolete
InspOrderByLotNo Boolean
VRM Connection Client Secret Guid
VRM Connection AAD Application Guid
Use VRM Connection Option OptionMembers: Undecided,Yes,No
VRM Type Code Code[10]
VRM User ID Text[250]
VRM Password Key Guid
Vendor Rating Auth Type Enum (KVSQMEVRMConnectorAuthType)