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Name Type Note
Item Category Code Code[20]
Type Option OptionMembers: ,G/L Account,Item,Resource,Fixed Asset,Charge (Item)
No. Code[20]
Line No. Integer
Description Text[100]
Description 2 Text[50]
Type of Choosage Option OptionMembers: Chooseable,Always
Quantity Decimal
Old Quantity Decimal
Choosed Boolean
Sales/Purchase Line No. Integer
Quantity Calculation Option OptionMembers: Quantity Factor,Fixed Quantity,Calendar Day,Threshold Price
Quantity / Factor Decimal
Quantity Rounding Boolean
Quantity Rounding Precision Decimal
Quantity Rounding Type Option OptionMembers: =,>,<
Variant Code Code[10]
Sales Unit of Measure Code[10]
Sequence No. (Used) Integer
Unit Price Decimal