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Name Type Note
Entry No. Code[20]
Manufacturer Code Code[10]
Vendor No. Code[20]
Vendor Item No. Code[20]
Unit of Measure Code[10]
Published Cost Decimal
Negotiated Cost Decimal
Unit Price Decimal
Gross Weight Decimal
Net Weight Decimal
Item Template Code Code[10]
Bar Code Code[20]
Item No. Code[20]
No. Series Code[20]
Description 1 Text[100]
Description 2 Text[50]
Item Disc. Group Code[20]
Allow Invoice Disc. Boolean
Lead Time Calculation DateFormula
Reorder Quantity Decimal
Units per Parcel Decimal
Unit Volume Decimal
Price Includes VAT Boolean
Automatic Ext. Texts Boolean
Interface Code Code[20]
Catalog Code Code[20]
Catalog Item No. Code[50]
Catalog Page Code[20]
Manufacturer Item No. Code[50]
Starting Date Date
Ending Date Date
Variant Code Code[10]
Sales Unit of Measure Code[10]
Purch. Unit of Measure Code[10]
Costing Method Enum Costing Method
Gen. Prod. Posting Group Code[10]
VAT Prod. Posting Group Code[10]
Country/Region of Origin Code Code[10]
Lot Size Decimal
Minimum Order Quantity Decimal
Maximum Order Quantity Decimal
Reordering Policy Enum Reordering Policy
Blocked Sales Boolean
Blocked Purchase Boolean
KVSKBABlockedManufacturing Boolean
Blocked Service Boolean
Type of Change Option OptionMembers: New,Change,Deletion
Search Description Code[50]
Sales Currency Code Code[10]
Purchase Currency Code Code[10]
Sales Price Unit Decimal
Purchase Price Unit Decimal
Order Multiple Decimal
KVSKBAProductCommGrpCode Code[10]
Item Category Code Code[20]
Inventory Posting Group Code Code[20]
Nonstock Item Exists Boolean FlowField